Foreign Language Requirement FAQ

Does USF offer an accelerated foreign language option?

USF offers four accelerated languages (Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Portuguese) where students can fulfill their three semester requirement in only two. Each course is worth 6 credits.

Can I transfer language credits from another college or university?

USF generally accepts all college-level courses completed at regionally accredited institutions for transfer. Once your official transcript has been processed, talk to the appropriate coordinator or director or take the foreign language placement test to ensure you enroll in the right class.

Can I take the placement test more than once?

No. Only your first placement test score will be registered.

My placement score is low. Can I try to test out or be placed into a higher level?

Yes. You will need to contact the coordinator of the language you are studying to schedule an appointment for an in-person written and oral evaluation of your language abilities. The evaluation should take around 20-25 minutes.

I was raised in a Spanish-speaking environment. Will that affect my language requirement?

You may be able to enroll in Spanish 221. This class will count toward the third semester language requirement.

I am originally from a country where a language other than English is spoken. Do I still have to take a foreign language class to fulfill my graduation requirement?

If you studied up to eighth grade in a country where a language other than English is spoken and can provide transcripts for completed classes, you may automatically test out of our language requirement. If you do not have any transcripts, and the language you speak is offered at USF, then you must take the language placement test to determine your proficiency level.

I speak a foreign language that is not offered at USF. Can I get credit for that language?

Students proficient in any language not offered at the University of San Francisco who believe they might qualify for a language waiver should contact the appropriate Embassy (or Consulate General) and obtain supporting documentation of proficiency. Validation of school transcripts, which should be equivalent to an eighth grade education, may also be obtained at these locations. For more information, contact Krislyn Tanaka, Program Assistant in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at or (415) 422-2802.