Minor in Chinese Studies

The Minor in Chinese Studies is designed to equip students with a solid foundation in Chinese cultural and linguistic literary through a structured sequence of instruction in language skills, Chinese culture, history and literature.

The minor requires completion of 24 units

Foundation Language Courses (16 units):
  • CHIN 101: First Semester Chinese
  • CHIN 102: Second Semester Chinese
  • CHIN 201: Third Semester Chinese
  • CHIN 202: Fourth Semester Chinese
Choose one of the following (4 units):
  • CHIN 350: Traditional Chinese Culture (CD)
  • CHIN 355: Chinese Literature in Translation (Literature Core)
Choose one of the following (4 units):
  • CHIN 301: Third Year Chinese
  • CHIN 310: Business Chinese

Questions about the Chinese Studies Minor should be addressed to Professor Wei Yang (wyang16@usfca.edu, Kalmanovitz Hall 383).