WCT 2011

Workshop in Computability Theory 
University of San Francisco 
March 22 – 23, 2011 

Speakers will include 
  • Wesley Calvert, Southern Illinois University
    Specifying computation for a complicated world
  • Doug Cenzer, University of Florida 
    Structures and isomorphisms in the difference hierarchy
  • Barry Cooper, University of Leeds 
    "Mathematician's Bias", and the return to the embodied computation
  • Noam Greenberg, Victoria University of Wellington
    Cupping and jump classes in the c.e. degrees
  • Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen, University of Hawaii
    Recovering randomness from an asymptotic Hamming distance
  • Julia Knight, University of Notre Dame 
    Effectiveness in real closed fields
  • Ted Slaman, University of California at Berkeley 
    Random reals, the rainbow Ramsey theorem, and arithmetic conservation
  • Reed Solomon, University of Connecticut 
    The complexity of central series terms in nilpotent computable groups
  • Alexandra Soskova, Sofia University, Bulgaria 
    Degree spectra and conservative extensions of abstract structures
  • Rebecca Steiner, Graduate Center at the City University of New York
    Effective algebraicity

Some information on local hotels is available here.  And, of course, there are plenty of things to see in San Francisco.   

Public transportation in San Francisco is provided by MUNI, and Google Maps has an excellent, integrated trip planner, and there is another one at 511.org.  The USF campus is serviced by the following bus routes: 
  • #5 Fulton, 
  • #38 Geary, 
  • #31 Balboa, and
  • #43 Masonic.
Note that travel time between USF and the University of California in Berkeley (where will be held the ASL North American Annual Meeting) is about 1.5 hours by public transportation, and checking travel times between hotels and the conference venues is strongly recommended.

Please contact Prof. Jennifer Chubb (jcchubb AT usfca DOT edu) with any questions.