Student activities

Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Student Activities

Women in Mathematics, Class of 2015!
L-R: Milica Hadzi-Tanovic, Prof. Jennifer Chubb, TingTing Wang, Prof. Cornelia Van Cott, Aryanna Harandi, Gabrielle Corbett, Prof. Emille Lawrence, Sheri Nguyen, Ivette Caceres, Yvette Cervantes.  May 1, 2015, at Abacus.


Spring 2014 Student Activities

The first Women in Mathematics graduation lunch, Class of 2014!
L-R: Helen Cleaves, Eva Brayfindley, Prof. Emille Lawrence, Prof. Cornelia Van Cott,
Layla Martin, Ariana del Toro, Sarah Hoban-Halvorsen.  May 1, 2014, at Abacus.
Students in the Best Sweatshirts Ever!  2014 Math sweatshirts:
2014 math sweatshirts 

Student Research at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

Three USF math students -- Mlilca Hadži-Tanović, Jared Rohe, and Paul Hundal -- presented their research at the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore.  Pictured below, Paul Hundal presents his research on using spectral clustering to analyze the stock market.

P. Hundal, CS: Joint Math Meetings  


Fall 2013 Student Activities

Pi Mu Epsilon
Our department has an active chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon (the national mathematics honor society).  The 2013-2014 Pi Mu Epsilon officers are pictured below (left to right):  Brendan Herger, Long Yan Yung, Gabrielle Corbett, and Layla Martin.  In Fall 2013, PME sponsored an REU information session and a department colloquium highlighting USF student research in mathematics.  Stay tuned for more events in the spring!

PME Officers USF Rho Chapter 


Putnam Mathematics Competition
Every December, our math majors compete in the Putnam Mathematical Competition. Below, math majors Paul Padilla and Helen Cleaves grab a bagel before the start of the 2013 Putnam Competition.



Kickball Tournament!
In Fall 2013, the USF Math Department teamed up with the Physics Department in a kickball tournament against the USF Chemistry and Biology Departments. See the math/physics team picture below. 

 Kickball at Rossi Park, SF
Spring, 2012 Student Research Projects in Mathematical Modeling


  • Groups of students worked together to investigate problems & shared what they learned in talks at the end of the semester.
    • Disease spread across a network, Taylor Lum, Jacqueline Tong, Ying Zhang 
      Disease spread across a network
    • The Prisoner's Dilemma on a network, Casey Bylund, Emma Schweid, Mickey Moses, Di Li, and Cinthia Zacharias
      The Prisoner's Dilemma on a network
    • NBA player ranking, James Fitzgerald, Yvette Cervantes, Tori Morris, and Sarah Hoban Halvorsen
      NBA player ranking

2010 – 2011 Student Research Project

  • Yi Xie (aka Owen) and Xuanchang Liu (aka Carl) worked together with Professor Cornelia Van Cott on a research project involving knots and surfaces during the 2010-2011 academic year. Owen and Carl presented their research (Bennequin surfaces for links) at the USF Students in the Sciences Poster Night.
    You can read their abstract here.
Owen and Carl with their poster2

2010 – 2011 Student Outreach & Teaching

  • Several USF math majors have had the unique opportunity to get involved with mathematical circles, an Eastern European-inspired movement that gets high school and middle school kids engaged with math by working on open-ended — and sometimes unsolved! — problems.

    Professor Paul Zeitz has been the director of the San Francisco Math Circle since its inception in 2005, and he exposes students in the Mathematical Circles (MATH 314) class to programs at Mission High School, Thurgood Marshall High School, and other locations. Veterans of this class have gone on to teach and work in schools and other circles. Next year, the SF Math Circle hopes to develop new programs for two different audiences: elementary school children and incarcerated juvenile offenders.

Math Circles1