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Jennifer Chubb

Assistant Professor

My general research area is logic and computability theory, in particular computable structure theory. I also study quantum computing & quantum logic. More information at

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Stephen Devlin

Associate Professor, Mathematics; Director, Data Science

My recent interests include complex networks, game theory, and dynamics on networks. I am also interested in representation theory and non linear groups. Office HoursM 1.00-2.00pm; W 1.30-3.00pm; & by appointment

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Ken Harrington

Adjunct Professor

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Renee Hubert


Technology in the classroom; making mathematics accessible to non-majors.


Emille Lawrence

Assistant Professor

I am a low-dimensional topologist and my mathematical interests include braid groups, geometric group theory, and spatial graphs. I am also an advocate for broadening participation in the mathematical sciences through outreach and mentoring.


Mario Micheli

Assistant Professor

I am an applied mathematician whose research interests lie in the areas of geometric shape analysis, image processing, and data science. The common theme in my research work is the modeling, measurement, quantification and statistics of deformations, especially in imaging and shape spaces.

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Tristan Needham


My interests are visualization, Differential Geometry, Complex Analysis, General Relativity, and the history of science.

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Peter Pacheco


Prof. Pacheco's main research interest is parallel computing. He has been involved in the development of the MPI Standard for message-passing. His book Parallel Programming with MPI is an elementary introduction to programming parallel systems that use the MPI 1 library of extensions to C and Fortran.  His book An Introduction to Parallel Programming is designed to teach inexperienced programmers how to program both shared- and distributed-memory parallel systems.

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Mark Rinker

Adjunct Professor

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John Stillwell


My interests are history of mathematics in the 19th and 20th centuries, number theory, geometry, algebra, topology, foundations of mathematics.In Australia during Spring and Summer

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Van Thu Tran

Adjunct Professor


David Uminsky

Assistant Professor, Mathematics; Director, Analytics

David's research interests are in applying mathematics to unsupervised machine learning and data clustering methods. He is specifically interested in developing new provably convergent and highly accurate algorithms to perform unsupervised data clustering. He is also the founding director of the Bachelor's program in Data Science at USF, and currently director of the Masters in Analytics program. Before joining USF he was a combined NSF and UC President's Fellow at UCLA. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Boston University and a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.

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Cornelia Van Cott

Associate Professor

I am a geometric topologist, studying knots, surfaces, and the interplay between three and four dimensional topology. 

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Robert Wolf

Assistant Professor

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Stephen Yeung

Associate Professor

Dynamical systems theory including coupled oscillators, Josephson junction arrays, injection lasers, sigma-delta data converters, and algorithmic analysis of microarray data

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Paul Zeitz

Professor and Chair

Interests:  Combinatorics, mathematical problem solving, innovative mathematical enrichment and outreach.