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The International Studies internship provides an opportunity for students to gain practical professional work experience through interning at one of the many international studies related organizations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, elsewhere in the United States, or abroad. The internship experience is an opportunity for students to combine their academic experience with the professional workplace.

Students complete an internship with an organization working in a field related to international studies, including but not limited to human rights, development, conflict resolution, or international law. The approved internship reflects the interests and goals of the student in her/his chosen area of study, and ultimately, career path. It allows the student to synthesize the theoretical components of academic learning with the reality of conducting work on the ground or in an office setting. Students augment an understanding of his or her chosen area with practical day-to-day skills, which ultimately makes students more valuable to future employers or further graduate study.

Please download a document highlighting past student internships!

Please visit our Student Internship Reflections page for more information about the internship experience.

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