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Our Alumni

Students will be equipped for professional work in international agencies, government information offices and non-governmental organizations. Some students may also pursue further study in International Studies in a Ph.D. program.

Where in the world are our ALUMNI?

  • Jorge A. - Community Development Manager: Wikia
  • Loureen A.- Project Manager/Humanitarian Coordinator: Roads of Success 
  • Bridget B.- Director of Communications: University of California Student Association
  • Chris B. - Designer: STUDIO T-SQ.
  • Christopher C. - Associate Vice President: Golden Mean Capital Partners
  • Cory D. - Administrative Associate: Office of Industry Engagement; University of Texas, Austin
  • Jeremiah D. - Project Associate: Elections with the Democratic Governance team at the UNDP, Cairo
  • Nancy D.- Senior Adviser: Women's Refugee Commission and Board Member, African Women's Development Fund USA
  • Elizaveta D.- Peace Corps, Uruguay
  • Ahmed E.- Project Coordinator: Sudan Democracy First Group
  • Anna E.- Higher Executive Officer: Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service
  • Jennifer E. - Marketing & Communications Manager: School to School International 
  • Sarah F. - Business Development Specialist: Fair Trade USA
  • Megan F. - Head of Investments and Business Development: MicroPlace
  • Devon F. - Communications Associate at
  • Samantha F. - J.D. Student: John F. Kennedy University College of Law
  • Andrew H.- Campaign Coordinator: Jubilee USA 
  • Daniel H. - Senior Vice President: Golden Mean Capital Partners
  • Kyle H. - Advisor & Business Analyst: 10EQS
  • Larissa H. - Student Services Coordinator: Geos Language Academy
  • Mikaela H. - Program Manager: School of Management, University of San Francisco
  • Sara H. - Ph.D. Student: Geography at University of California, Los Angeles International Partners in Mission (IPM)
  • Lucy K. - Program Coordinator: Mekong Energy and Ecology Network in Bangkok
  • Janey K. - Program and Training Assistant, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) 
  • Katelyn K. - Director of Sub Saharan Africa: International Partners in Mission, Nairobi 
  • Angela L.- Assistant to the Executive Director: Amnesty International, NY
  • Olivia L.- International Labour Office, United Nations, Geneva 
  • Solange M. - Program Analyst: Consortium of Universities for Global Health
  • Ryan M. - Organizing Coordinator: Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
  • Kine N. - Counselor Officer: Royal Norweigan Consulate General 
  • Adanma O. - International Trade Compliance Analyst: Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Chrystal O.- Program Coordinator: International Place of the Claremont Colleges
  • Ranatchai P. - Head of Foreign Relations Group at the Technical Services and Planning Division, Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior, Bangkok
  • Kimberly P. - International Programs Coordinator: Foundation for Sustainable Development in Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Lauren R. - Senior Grants & Communications Writer: Pivot Learning Partners 
  • Brianna R. - Director of Operations and Programs: Viviendas Leon 
  • Wilita S. - Program Assistant: School of Management, USF
  • Armine S. - Campaign and Research Assistant: Crisis Action 
  • Andrew S. - Development Coordinator: Immigrant Legal Resource Center
  • Eddy S. - Marketing Representative: Smartinvest, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Brittan S. - Board Member: African Diaspora Network 
  • Laila S. - Project Manager: German American Chamber of Commerce California
  • Adeeb Y. - Ph.D. Student: Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University
  • Elaine V. - Ph.D. Student: Media & Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate University