Voter registration
Increased presence of Latin@ voters causes conservative opposition leading up to 2012 elections.
Muralismo 320
Murals again provided an important organizing tool and a means for the people to reclaim their heritage.
Morraga interview
What is my responsibility to my roots — both white and brown, Spanish-speaking and English?
Latina Feminist
Latina Feminist Theology; the awakening of Latina women in the Church.
Welcome Brazil
Why is Disney hiring Brazilian Portuguese speakers?
Occupy Mural
Aproximadamente 65,000 estudiantes indocumentados se gradúan de la secundaria cada año en los Estados Unidos y sólo 5%-10% asisten la universidad.
Now the federal government was turning them into illegal immigrants, criminals of the state.
Injustice in AZ
The ban on Mexican-American Studies and the treatment of those who are undocumented goes against what this country stands for.

Welcome to Divisadero

"Divisadero" is a Spanish word derived from divisar (to discern).
It refers to a place of high elevation from which one can view an extensive area.

The goal of this newsletter is to act as a divisadero for its readers by offering an inclusive view of the current issues in Latin/@ America citing the historical, social, and political forces which drive these nations and communities.


This issue is the product of a Latin American Studies course offered each semester, and thus a collaborative publication between students, faculty and staff. Divisadero shares in its mission to create and strengthen the community of students, faculty, and administrators who share our interests.

By serving as a divisadero, we hope you join us in our efforts to discover the different paths and determine a course of action on pressing and complex issues that impact Latin America and the Latin@ community.