Letter from the Editor

This issue we focused on the importance of higher education within the Latino community. We share wise words from leader in the Chicano movement, Rene Sanchez, who despite his challenges growing up in the barrio, followed his passions in theology and teaching to pursue a doctorate degree. We have also included two inspiring profiles—one on the Chicana Latina Foundation, an organization that merits itself on providing opportunities for Latinas to get ahead, and another on first generation graduate and new USF Director for Freshmen Admissions, David Tobias. The issue also looks into the Dream Act; its history, its current standing and the manner in which it could contribute to the future of Latin@ students. Not only did we include information about the federal DREAM Act, but we have also given a brief insight into state level propositions of the DREAM Act. Along with this we have included a piece on the film “Precious Knowledge” which shares the story of the students of Tuscan, Arizona and their fight for ethnic studies. To incorporate examples of the work of Latin@ Professors in the education field we have two excerpts from two Latina Professors from the USF School of Education; Emma Fuentes and Leyla Perez-Gualdrón.