DoblesVidas BOX
Students from USF’s new Master of Museum Studies program curated and installed the exhibit -‘Dobles Vidas’ (Double Lives) - an exploration of Mexico’s folk tradition.
Tupac Amaru Rebellion Box
A Conversation with Author, Charles Walker, on the Tupac Amaru Rebellion.
Brown Lives Matter BOX
Our Lives Matter: Alex Nieto & USF's Response to Police Brutality
Radio Ambulante BOX
Inside Stories: Daniel Alarcón and the Spanish Language podcast Radio Ambulante.
Father Privet Box
Listen to Father's in-depth interview to learn more about his special connection with the Spanish language, Liberation Theology, and his Jesuit mission in Latin America.
Contributors BOX
Check out the contributors page to see the people behind this edition of Divisadero.

Welcome to Divisadero

“Divisadero” is a Spanish word derived from divisar (to discern). It refers to a place of high elevation from which one can view an extensive area. “Divisadero” is also a street that marked the boundary between the City of San Francisco and The Presidio. According to some sources, the original Spanish name for Lone Mountain was “El Divisadero.”

This is what we strive to accomplish with Divisadero, a collaborative publication of the Latin American Studies Program.  With the unique perspective afforded to us by the city in which we live, we attempt to truly see our surroundings. To discover or recognize, with curious eyes and open minds, people, cultural events, social phenomena, and general affairs related to the Latino community of San Francisco, of the Bay Area, of the United States, and of Latin America.  We reach beyond the clouds that obscure our view and contemplate the horizon from our lone mountain. In English and Spanish.




In this issue we are going to show you people, events, and subjects you think you know, and ask you to look at them again. 

There is always more than meets the eye, and through the different explorations and investigations of these articles, you will walk away knowing the bigger stories behind a wide array of topics. 

En esta edición de Divisadero, vamos a mostrar personas, eventos, y temas conocidos, pero desde una nueva perspectiva.

En la vida, siempre hay más de lo que vemos a simple vista. Entonces con esas exploraciones e investigaciones, Divisadero ha creado un panorama amplio y de conjunto.