Required Courses

Regional Introduction:
LAS 376 /HIST 140 Latin American Perspectives 

Regional Linguistic Competence:
SPAN  202 Fourth Semester Spanish OR
SPAN 222 Spanish for Bilingual Students OR
PORT 202 Fourth Semester Portuguese

Regional Immersion Experience:
Study Abroad Program in Latin America


Religious and Philosophical Perspectives
LAS 322 Liberation Theology

LAS 340/ THRS 340 Panamerican Saints
LAS 363/PHIL363  Latin American Philosophy
THRS 345  Religion of US Latinos
LAS 301/THRS 363 Religion in Latin America
THRS 305: Feminist Theology from the Third World * partial coverage

Historical Perspectives

LAS 370/HIST 370 Colonial Latin America
LAS 371/ HIST 371  Modern Latin America
LAS 372/ HIST 372  Indigenous and Colonial Mexico
LAS 373/ HIST 373  Modern Mexico
LAS 374/ HIST 374  Central America and the Caribbean
LAS375/ HIST 375  Brazil and Amazonia
LAS 377/ HIST 377  The Southern Cone
LAS 378/ HIST 378  Andean Nations
LAS 379/ HIST 379  Latino/as in the US

Cultural Perspectives:

LAS 210/MUS 210  Music of the Americas * partial coverage
LAS 305/PASJ 305  Latin@ America Performance and Culture
LAS 315/MS 315 Telenovelas and Soap Operas
LAS 317/MS 317  Latin American Cinema
LAS 350/MS 350  Human Rights and Film * partial coverage
LAS 380/MS 380 Latin@s in the US media
SPAN 206 Confluences and Conflicts in the Latino World
SPAN 255 Small, round, and juicy: The Modern Hispanic Short Story
SPAN 333: Subversive Feminist Enjoyment in Latin America
SPAN 335 20th Century Spanish American Literature
SPAN 336  Feminist Discourse and Feminist Theory in Latin American Literature
SPAN 346 Evil in Latin America, Hispanic, and Latino Literature
SPAN 360 Studies in Latin American Culture
SPAN 375 Border and Cultural Studies
SPAN 431 Rewriting Dante's Divina Commedia in Hispanic Literature
SPAN 457 Undoing Reality/Redoing Reality: Latin America Narrative
SPAN 458 The Latin American City and its Cinema
SPAN 459: Borges, the Readerly Writer
MUS 203: Music and Social Protest * partial coverage

Social Perspectives:
ECON 286 Economics of Latin America
LAS 313/SOC 313  Latin@-Chican@ Culture and Society
LAS 390  Special Topics
LAS 396  Internship (3-6 units)
LAS 450/HIST 430 Capstone Seminar: Seminar in Latin American History   
MS 407  Alt Media & Social Change * partial coverage
POLS 331  Latin American Politics
POLS 345  Global Economic Justice * partial coverage
POLS 450  Political Economy of Developing Nations * partial coverage
SOC 233  Gender, Development and Globalization
SOC 302  Global Inequalities and Social Justice * partial coverage
SOC 322  Globalization and Resistance
SOC 361  Brazilian Culture and Society
SPAN 401 Building Bridges: ESL in Spanish Speaking Communities
SPAN 402 Service Learning Project