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In studying history, you will taste the drama, tension, and struggle of how diverse peoples in a variety of societies have negotiated their complex and contradictory lives. History teaches us about humanity and how it slides easily into inhumanity when people in society allow it. The study of history can close distance and difference by appreciating people’s lives and actions in places far from our own in time and place. History also illuminates strange and uncomfortable truths about our contemporary world. History teaches you as much about yourself as it teaches you about others.

Why study history at USF?

The diverse members of USF’s History Department will engage both your heart and mind as we share our passion and expertise in the teaching and writing of history. We care about students and we show it. USF students consistently praise the teaching abilities and commitment of their history professors. We prepare you to learn and teach others as you pursue the beauty and puzzle of past realities in a diversity of times and places.

What history will I study at USF?

We offer emphases in the histories of Europe, the United State, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world. Professors have specializations in social and cultural history, intellectual history, environmental history, gender history, economic and political history, and religious history. History at USF offers both great depth and breadth into fields and specializations that reveal the complexity of human societies, past and present. 

"Life must be lived forwards, but can only be understood backwards."
- Kierkegaard