College of Arts and Sciences

Housing - Graduate Programs

Graduate students moving to San Francisco can choose to live on campus or off campus.

On-Campus Housing:

Graduate students who seek university on-campus housing reside in Loyola Village (apartment-style housing) or Pedro Arrupe Hall (traditional residence hall housing). On-campus housing for graduate students is limited and priority is given to students who apply first. For more information about on-campus housing, contact the Office of Student Housing and Residential Education . To complete the Housing Application (for on-campus housing), please click on "Apply for Housing".

Off-Campus Housing:
The large majority of graduate students at USF choose to live off campus in one of the nearby residential neighborhoods that surround USF. Many new graduate students find an apartment by contacting current graduate students who already live in an apartment and are seeking a new apartment mate. USF's Off-Campus Housing website posts listings of apartments and students in apartments who are seeking new apartment mates. The majority of these listings are typically posted from late April to August.

The Off-Campus Housing Coordinator in the Office of Student Housing and Residential Education provides information and advice about local housing options, short-term housing options, roommate listings, apartment listings, apartment locator services, tenants' rights and other helpful strategies for living in San Francisco.

Whether you choose to live in university housing on campus or an apartment off campus, please remember that it is the individual student's responsibility to arrange for their housing and living.

Contact information for off-campus and on-campus housing:
Office of Student Housing and Residential Education
Phone: 415.422.6824