G Chemistry

Student Research Theses

Research theses completed by Chemistry graduate students from 2005 to present:

Inorganic Chemistry, Yishun Qin (2013)
Mechanistic Studies of Bimolecular Electron Transfer Self-Exchange Rates of Ruthenium Ammine Pyridyl Complexes Measured by NMR Line Broadening Techniques

Analytical Chemistry, Chang Liu (2013)
Surface Tethered PAMAM Dendrimers On Controlled Pore Glass As Color Release Sensors For Phosphates

Physical Chemistry, Matthew McManus (2013)
Probing the Low Temperature Oxidation of Furanic Biofuels, 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran and 2,5-Dimethylfuran, Utilizing Orthogonal Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Synchrotron Radiation

Biochemistry, Richa Gupta (2012)
Biochemical evaluation of SRH analogs as potential LuxS inhibitors

Organic Chemistry, Ruoyi Liu (2012)
Synthesis of S-Ribosyl-L-homocysteine and analongs modified at the homocysteine-C3 position

Inorganic Chemistry, Faisal Mehmood (2011)
Unusual Electron Transfer Rate Effects due to Pyridyl Ring Substituents and Trace Group VIIIb Hexcyano Complexes as Added Salts

Physical Chemistry, Qian He (2011)
Investigation of gamma-valerolactone + OH and isobutanol + OH combustion systems using synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry

Inorganic Chemistry, Po-Kai Chen (2010)

Inert electrolyte effects on the kinetics of biomolecular electron-transfer comproportionation reaction between ruthenium binuclear complexes in aqueous solution

Physical Chemistry, Amelia W. Ray (2010)

Characterization of ethene + OH products and cyclohexene ring-opening mechanism elucidation via synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry

Analytical Chemistry, Cheng-Chi Chang (2009)

End-Group Modifications to PAMAM Dendrimers Tethered on Glass Supports: Development of Indicator Displacement Assays (IDA) Based on Tethered Copper Chelates.

Inorganic Chemistry, Prakash Sista (2009)
Mechanistic Studies of Salt Effects on the Electron-Transfer Reactions of Ruthenium Ammine Complexes.

Inorganic Chemistry, Hassan Imran (2008)

Electroanalytical Studies of Heterogeneous Electron-Transfer Rate Constants for the Ferro/Ferricyanide and Various Rutheniumamminepyridyl Redox Couples.

Biochemistry, Sangeeta Kota (2008)

The Role of rcaK in the Regulation of Phycoerythrin Synthesis in the Cyanobacterium, Fremeyella diplosiphon.

Analytical Chemistry, Adam Good (2008)
Metal Binding Behavior of Unmodified and Modified Surface Tethered PAMAM Dendrimers.

Organic Chemistry, Amy Christopherson Bolten (2007)

Attempted synthesis and ring opening of 3-difluoro and 3-trifluoroacetyl cyclobutene

Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry, Wilson Wei-San Chao (2007)
Part 1. Solid supports modified with dendrimers for metal ion extraction. Part 2. Electrochemical and spectroscopic studies of copper(II) complexes with biphenyl-based nitrogen and oxygen donors

Biochemistry, Yun-Young Kim (2007)
Assaying for pairwise interactions between proteins, CpeR, CpeS and CpeT, from the cyanobacterium, Fremyella diplosiphon

Biochemistry, Wenqian Zuo (2007)

Photoregulation of phycoerythrin (PE) synthesis in the cyanobacterium. F. diplosiphon does not require the activity of the complex histidine kinase, RcaJ

Inorganic Chemistry, Mayuko Inagaki (2006)
Innocent and Non-innocent Electrolyte Effects on the Kinetics of Electron Transfer Reactions of Ruthenium Ammine Complexes.
Inorganic Chemistry, Vahid Eskandari (2006)
Concentration and Temperature Dependent Studies of the Effects of Added Electrolytes on the Rare of Biomolecular Pseudo Self-Exchange Reactions of Pentaamine Ruthenium Pyridyl Complexes.

Biochemistry, Humera Fakhruddin (2006)
Mutation of the gene for the peptide, TepA, causes a change in cell pigmentation in the cyanobacterium, Fremyella diplosiphon.

Analytical Chemistry, Agnes Kulczynska (2005)
Voltammetric Studies of the interaction of metal complexes with poly(amidoamine) dendrimers.

Biochemistry, Dana Coralia Ciobanu (2005)

The effects of cpeR, cpeT, and cpeS expression on phycobiliprotein systhesis, and the role of PC1subunits in the regulation of phycobilisome composition in the cyanobacterium, Fremyella diplosiphon

Biochemistry, Youling (Leona) Zou (2005)
Attempted identification and characterization of metallothionein in Dictyostelium discoideum