G Chemistry

Alumni News

Nicholas Magarian, M.S. USF '14, is a Research Associate at Genetech, Inc.

Yishun Qin, M.S. USF '13, is the Stockroom Manager in the USF Department of Chemistry.

Qian He, M.S. USF '11, started a new position at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Amelia Ray, M.S. USF 10, is attending the Ph.D. program in Chemistry at UC San Diego.

Po-Kai Chen, M.S. USF ’10, is attending the Ph.D. program in Chemistry at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

Prakash Sista, M.S. USF ’09, is attending the Ph.D. program in Chemistry at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Cheng-Chi Chang, M.S. USF ’09, is now Special Assistant to the General Manager at Taiwan Wax Company, Ltd.

Tony Frost, M.S. USF ’07, is currently Senior Research Associate - Analytical Chemistry Development at Gilead Sciences. 

Vahid Eshkandari, M.S. USF ’06, recently finished his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at UC Davis.

Agnes Kulczynska, M.S. USF ’05:
"My graduate studies in Chemistry, and teaching experience in General Chemistry, have opened new doors for me. After USF, I will join a research group at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland."

Teiko Sumiyoshi, M.S. USF ’04, Ph.D. Keck School of Medicine, USC, recently started as a Scientific Manager at Genentech.

Meghna Tare, M.S. USF ’03, MS SJSU ’06 Environmental Science, is the Director of Sustainability at University of Texas, Arlington after 2 years with the City of Dallas as an Environmental Manager.

Dr. Ron Najafi, M.S. USF ’84, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at UC Davis:
Dr. Najafi studied organo-silicon chemistry at USF. A former "scientist of the year" at Applied Biosystems, Dr. Najafi is the founder of three companies. His latest research-driven company is NovaCal, based in Emeryville, California and founded in 2001. The company is dedicated to new products in the fight against infection and the treatment of chronic wound care.