FYS/SIT SEMINAR WAIT LIST INSTRUCTIONS (FOR STUDENTS)*Remember: You may only take ONE seminar (FYS-195 for incoming first year students; SIT-295 for incoming transfer students).

The seminar I want to take is full. What should I do?

Put your name on the wait list as soon as possible. You should then register for a back-up class, so that you have a full load (generally 4 classes, or 16-18 units). If a spot opens up during the summer (or over winter break for spring seminars), students will be added from the wait list (in order of priority, based on who was first, second, or third in line on the list).
If you remain on the wait list once classes start, and you still really want to take the FYS/SIT seminar, you should attend class on the first day. (If your "back-up" class is scheduled at the same time, you should first contact the professor of the seminar you are wait-listed for to find out how realistic your chances are in regards to getting into the class. We don't want you to miss a class that you are registered for if there is no chance of you being added from the wait list.) We do not recommend purchasing books or materials for your wait-listed course until you know for certain you will be added.
On the first day of class, make sure that the FYS/SIT seminar professor knows that you are in class, and talk to the professor about your chances of being added.
The professor should let you know by the end of the first week whether or not there will be a spot available in the class.

What happens if my professor tells me I can be added into the class?

Each professor will inform the FYS/SIT Coordinator, Professor Marilyn DeLaure, which students can be added to the class. You will receive an email message from your professor indicating that you need to drop your "back-up" class. Be sure to check your usfca.edu e-mail address each day for the week prior to and during the week when classes begin!

You have 24 hours to drop your back-up class, after which Prof. DeLaure will add you to the seminar.

I’m confused. It looks like there is one seat (or a few seats) open in the class, but I can’t register for it. What’s going on?

Once a course fills to capacity, then a wait list opens; after that, the course list is “frozen.” So, if someone originally in the course drops it, that seat remains open. We will be adding students off the wait lists and into the courses as openings become available throughout the summer (or winter break). If you are at the top of the wait list and can be moved into the class, you’ll get an email from Professor DeLaure letting you know.