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The AEM Program matches its international students with highly proficient English speakers of the USF community. Conversation partners meet regularly throughout the semester, approximately once a week, and talk about anything they want. 

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The Conversation Partner Program offers AEM students and highly proficient English speakers the opportunity to learn about each other's countries and cultures. AEM students can practice their English communication skills and learn about U.S. culture and college life and their partners/groups can learn about another country, another culture, and perhaps practice their foreign language skills.  

We provide conversation tips and new ideas for participants in the program.  Often students return with the same partners and form friendships and networks beyond the CPP. 

Registration Deadline

The sign-up deadline for spring is Friday, February 27. 


Spring Orientation will be held on Thursday, March 5 at 12:00 p.m. in Cowell 316.


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Phone: 415.422.6862

Email: cpp@usfca.edu

Office: Kalmanovitz 204