Environmental Science Curriculum

The undergraduate major in Environmental Science is an integrated interdisciplinary curriculum of basic science, designed to give students a broad perspective on the environment. Courses in the major concentrate on understanding the current environmental issues facing human society through a diversity of lecture, laboratory and field experiences. A degree in Environmental Science from the University of San Francisco supports career options in a variety of areas including: technical and management aspects of air and water quality, hazardous waste management, environmental health, energy, land use management and conservation of natural resources. This curriculum also provides the basic course work necessary for admission to graduate school programs. Electives may be used to enhance preparation for specific graduate programs.

Degree Requirements (Effective as of Fall 2012)

REQUIRED COURSES (40 units minimum)
ENVS 110 Introduction to Environmental Science w/lab (4)
ENVS 210 Ecology and Human Impacts w/lab (4)
ENVS 212 Air and Water w/lab (4)
ENVS 250 Environmental Data Analysis (4)
ENVS 410 Methods of Env. Monitoring w/lab (4)
BIOL 105 General Biology I (4)
BIOL 106 General Biology II (4)
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I (4)
CHEM 113 General Chemistry II (4)
PHYS 100
Introductory Physics I (4)

ADDITIONAL ENVS COURSES (16 units, of which at least 12 units must be chosen from ENVS 300 level courses)

ENVS 311
Environmental Chemistry (4)
ENVS 312 Water Resources Analysis w/lab (4)
ENVS 320 Restoration Ecology w/lab (4)
ENVS 321 Wetlands Ecology w/lab (4)
ENVS 330 Environmental and Ecosystem Health (4)
ENVS 335 Marine Environments (4)
ENVS 350 Energy and Environment (4)
ENVS 360 Climate Change: Science and Policy (4)
ENVS 370 Introduction to Landscape Ecology and GIS w/lab (4)
ENVS 390 Undergraduate Special Topics (4)
ENVS 498  Advanced Undergraduate Research (4)

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (4 of the 16 additional science units may be chosen from the list of courses below):
ENVA 232
Environmental Economics (4)
ENVA 360 International Environmental Politics (4)
ENVA 363 Environmental Law (4)
ENVA 366 Introduction to Environmental Policy (4)
ENVA 367 Environmental Justice (4)
ENVA 404 Environmental Ethics (4)

Please view the Environmental Science Major & Minor Brochure (PDF) for more details about additional science electives in the Environmental Management and Biology programs or talk to your advisor or the Environmental Science Chair.

Courses and Descriptions
To view a list of Environmental Science courses and descriptions, please click here .

REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)

Students interested in REUs can research these opportunities on the National Science Foundation website here.