Professional Opportunity

USF classrooms extend into the San Francisco Bay Area’s dynamic community. English students work, intern and volunteer in a variety of non-profit and corporate environments, from the Mission to Silicon Valley and every neighborhood in between.

Gabriela Kirkland, Juris Doctor (JD) Candidate

Gabriela Kirkland Through the course of my completion of the English major at USF, I had the opportunity to read William Shakespeare's King Lear twice. The first time, I presented the characters of Goneril and Regan as monstrous characters. In my senior year, I read the play again and, with the guidance of the professor, I suddenly saw the play in a new and non-traditional light. The once villainous Goneril and Regan paled in comparison to the seemingly benevolent and subservient Kent, who was now the cunning and subversive character to watch. It was in that moment, with my new approach towards this piece of literature, that I understood the benefits of pursuing an English degree at USF. The best part of the major and the English Department is, not only will you learn how to write well and analyze texts, you will also learn how to think critically. You will mature and develop in your thought processes and illuminate new ideas that you did not see before. You will learn that there is, indeed, more than one approach to a text or situation. Because of this, I have acquired skills that transcend the classroom. With each class, I evolved in my ability to express myself on paper and in speech. The foundational elements and skills that one learns within the English major at USF will follow and support that student in whatever path he or she chooses to take, whether it be writing, teaching, business or law.

Tasmine Mocke, Copywriter at New York University


"Being an English major at USF was perhaps one of my greatest life choices. Not only did I have access to professors who are among my favorite writers and thinkers, but I also had the experience of being in classes that were small enough for everyone to get to know, enjoy, and challenge each other. This was crucial to my growth as a writer. After graduating in May 2008, I pursued an MFA degree at New York University, and just graduated this January. My advice to students who want to be English majors is simply this: Get as much early experience and exposure as you can to fields you may be interested in later. Since majoring in English doesn’t exactly prepare you for any one particular career path, it helps to take advantage of work opportunities you will have access to as a student at USF. While you’ll need to find a balance between work and study, getting involved in editing USF’s magazine or finding a good writing internship or gaining some experience in administration will really serve you later. Even though the work force is competitive, there are ways for you to place yourself at an advantage if you start now. Don’t be afraid of doing this. A degree in English is a fantastic foundation for many exciting careers, but it is always up to you to figure out how best to launch yourself. Doing things that help you get clear on the direction you want to go in will expand your joy, your skills and your network. By actively participating in your life you will increase your chances of being successful."

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ENGL 480 – Literature & Writing Internships

Every spring semester, the English department offers Literature & Writing Internships, a course that enables students to complete an internship in the Bay Area while also receiving USF course credit. Its main mission is introducing students to the expectations and requirements for working in the writing and publishing fields. In the classroom, this course will focus on the role of writing and literature in a professional environment and around the world.

Bay Area Internships

English majors at the University of San Francisco have previously interned with the following organizations in the Bay Area:

826 Valencia
(415) 642-5905
826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages six to eighteen with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

Aunt Lute Books
(415) 826-1300
Aunt Lute Books is a nonprofit multicultural women’s press based in San Francisco.

Bay Guardian
A member of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, the Bay Guardian publishes a paper issue every Wednesday containing in-depth news reports, opinions, arts and culture coverage, local guides, and comprehensive listings of Bay Area events.

Berrett-Kohler Publishers
(415) 743-6468 (Marina Cook, USF alum)
Independent publisher of business books on management, leadership, career development and global sustainability.

Chronicle Books
(415) 537-4200
Chronicle Books is an independent publisher offering bestselling books, children's books, personalized books & other specialty gifts.

City Lights Publishing
415-362-1901 (Contact: Stacy Lewis)
City Lights is a place where booklovers from across the country and around the world come to browse, read, and just soak in the ambiance of alternative culture's only "Literary Landmark."

Commonwealth Club
(415) 597-6700 (Contact: Judson True)
The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum.

Poetry Flash
(510) 525-5476 or
Poetry Flash publishes reviews of poetry and literary fiction, poems, interviews, essays, and submission and award information for all creative writers—poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, online and in print.

Salon Media Group
(415) 645-9200 (Contact: Paige Rockwell) covers breaking news, politics, culture, technology and entertainment through investigative reporting, fearless commentary and criticism, and provocative personal essays.

Seal Press
(510) 595-3664
Seal Press has a distinguished reputation for publishing books of incredible variety and depth.

Seven Tepees
(415) 522-1550 (Contact: Steve Stasti)
At Seven Tepees, youth learn and practice the academic and social competencies necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

USF Media Relations
(415) 279-9137 (Contact: Anne-Marie Devine)
USF Media Relations draft news releases, media advisories, calendar listings, and other materials to publicize news of faculty research, academic programs, and newsworthy university happenings.

Zoetrope: All-Story (Contact: Derek Fagerstrom)
In 1997, Francis Ford Coppola launched Zoetrope: All-Story, a quarterly magazine devoted to the best new short fiction and one-act plays. Browse their internship opportunities.

Career Services

The USF Career Services Center provides support for current students and alumni with:

  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Interview Practice
  • Job and Internship Opportunities
  • Graduate School Applications
  • Fellowship and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Career Counseling