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Our Alumni

Students are equipped for a future in one or more of the following areas:

  • Professional careers in the banking, investment management and corporate financial management industries.
  • Professional work as an economist in the private sector, government or non-profit sector.
  • Further study in Economics in a Ph.D. program.

Alumni by Industry

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Karl Erik Volk, Senior Managing Economist, Cohen Volk & Drabkin, Lafayette, California
“As an expert consultant in determination of economic damages in civil litigation, I only began serving as an expert witness at trial and arbitration cases after obtaining my MA in Economics at USF. The Master’s degree also opened the door to teaching, where I have lectured in managerial economics and money and banking at California State University, East Bay.”

Chun Wang, Assistant Professor of Economics, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
“After completing the Master’s program at USF and PhD studies at UC Davis, I now specialize in applied and international macroeconomics, time series econometrics and monetary economics at Brooklyn College. I also research inflation forecasting in China as well as analysis of government debt in the Euro zone.”

Tayser Dawood, Banking and Finance Consultant, Middle East
“Since graduating from USF I began my career as an economist at the Royal Scientific Society in Jordan, a research think tank. I have gone on to assume different positions in para-statal investment entities in the Middle East where I currently provide banking and finance consulting services."

Patricia Cameron-Lloyd, PhD Candidate in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
“I am pursuing my PhD in agricultural and resource economics, where my research has led me to empirically show how to incorporate information about climate change when analyzing major infrastructure projects. I also teach microeconomics and natural resource economic courses.”

Magnus Magnusson, Associate Professor, Bifrost University, Iceland
“Once I completed my Economics program at USF, I studied at the University of Cambridge and earned my PhD at the University of Iceland. I joined Bifrost University as Rector and am now an Associate Professor there. At USF my thesis focused on African stock markets and I co-authored “How Efficient are Africa’s Emerging Stock Markets?” with Professor Wydick in the Journal of Development Studies.”

Joyce Hsiao, CoAdna Photonics, Inc.
“After graduating from the MA in Economics program at USF, I now hold a position as an Accountant at CoAdna Photonics.”

Vanessa Wallach, USF Economics graduate student, B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz
"The expertise of the faculty in realms of international development, such as microfinance, have opened up entirely new areas of economic development to me. These topics are now foundations of my research interests and my career."

Vaqar Qureshi
, USF Economics graduate student, B.A., University of Leeds, U.K.
"A strong emphasis on quantitative methodology and analytical research coupled with highly motivated and well-qualified faculty define the essence of the Master's program in Economics at USF. The program has provided me with two great choices: A prestigious internship and career opportunity at the IMF in Washington D.C., or excellent standing as a Ph.D. candidate in high-ranking economics and public policy programs."