Univ of San Francisco and St Ignatius church from the air

M.A in Economics

The private, public and nonprofit sectors throughout the world demand economists and analysts who are equipped with strong quantitative economics skills. The Master's Degree in man Economics program at the University of San Francisco provides graduate students with rigorous training in the analytical knowledge and abilities essential to the challenges of changing economies, the investment industry, banking, and corporate financial management.

The M.A in Economics graduate program offers opportunities for internships, directed research, a Master's thesis, study/research abroad or a combination of these options. Graduates also pursue Ph.D. studies in economics, and have done so at such universities as Georgetown University, the University of California at Berkeley, thlibrarye University of Washington, the University of California at Davis, Cornell University and the University of California at Santa Cruz, among others.

The Economics graduate program starts in the fall only (late August).

The Department of Economics also offers an M.S. in International and Development Economics degree.



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