Education, Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation

Request More InformationWelcome to the Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation (DDTP) Program's website! This accelerated undergraduate/graduate teacher preparation program serves prospective primary and secondary school teachers by providing high-quality education leading to two academic degrees (Bachelor's and Master's) and a preliminary California teaching credential. By taking graduate level education courses during the four undergraduate years, the fifth (and graduate) year of education can be allocated primarily to student teaching. The DDTP program is cooperatively sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education.


The first course in the program is Intro to the Teaching Profession (INTD 110). This course is required for all entering DDTP students, and is also open to any student who would like to explore the possibility of a teaching career, but may not feel ready to commit to a special program. 

The DDTP program has been specifically designed to serve students who have shown an interest in teaching as a career through their past educational experiences, service in the community, and/or dedication to work with children and youth.

Students who successfully complete the DDTP program will earn:

1. a Bachelor's degree
2. a Master of Arts in Teaching degree
3. a California Teaching Credential (Multiple or Single Subject)
(issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing)

The program is designed to be completed in five academic years.

Note: For students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree, please contact the School of Education for degree and credential options at 415-422-6525 or .

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