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Each semester a select group of students of high academic standing participates in the interdisciplinary Davies Seminar under the direction of that semester's Davies Professor.

Davies Scholars come together in their seminar to study, discuss, experiment with, and better understand a contemporary topic, and thus contribute to the “Search for Values in Contemporary America".

Thus far the focus of these seminars has ranged from nuclear disarmament, leadership and the American presidency, and American values in international business, to lying and secrecy, ethics in sports, genetic engineering, gender and family, and the environment.

USF considers participation in a Davies Seminar as a worthy academic accomplishment, and students who have participated are listed as Davies Scholars in their USF graduation ceremony program.

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Here's what some of our former Davies Students had to say about their experiences in the forum...

"As a practicing visual artist, it was monumental for me to have access to the work of the powerful and visionary women who have torn down many boundaries that would otherwise keep women out of the greater canon of Fine Art. Professors Birnbaum and Siskin, who are both Jewish artists and art historians, helped myself and other women in the class to examine our cultural heritage and explore the degree to which we have been marginalized in our respective environments and society at large. By way of exhibits, guest lectures, and group art sessions, we came away with a greater appreciation for the "female perspective" in art as well as a deeper commitment to our individual art practice. The experience also encouraged me to take that new knowledge out into the streets and raise awareness beyond my studies at USF."
- Julianne Henderson: Visual Arts Major, Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor. Class of '08

"The Davies Forum gave me the amazing opportunity to interact with students from other majors and disciplines who were interested in the course topic.  It was a refreshing course because of its academic rigor; each course involved many interesting debates and conversations and the students in the course were focused and prepared for each class session.  We had the unique opportunity to meet speakers who are experts in their fields and to "hang out" with them on a more personal basis before they spoke to the greater university.  The Davies Forum was by far my favorite course during my time at USF!"
- Andrea Wise: Sociology Major, Writing, Minor. Class of '08