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Arts and Sciences College Curricula

This webpage concerns the development of, changes to, and maintenance of the curricula of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of San Francisco.Curriculum Development

The Dean's Office, College Curriculum Committee, and the Core Advisory Committee process and review all new and change of program and courses. Please use the links below to submit your applications. 

College Curriculum Committee

Use this link for:
  • New Programs
  • Change in Program
  • Cultural Diversity Designation
  • Service Learning Course Designation

Core Advisory Committee

 Use this link for:

  • A-F Course Designations
  • First-Year Seminar approvals

Dean's Office

    Use this link for:
  • All New Courses
  • Catalog Changes
  • Credit Hour Compliance
  • Syllabus Guide
  • Academic Program Review
  • Assessment