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This webpage concerns the development of, changes to, and maintenance of the curricula of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of San Francisco. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Dr. Shirley McGuire, Associate Dean of Faculty Scholarship and Academic Effectiveness, at If you have any questions or have difficulty with the forms and links below, please contact Clark Campagna, Program Assistant for the Office of the Associate Dean of Faculty Scholarship and Academic Effectiveness at 415-422-5265 or

College Curriculum Committee

Core Advisory Committee

Syllabi Requirements & Procedures

Curriculum Development
The College Curriculum Committee (CCC) proposal form has been replaced by two new web-forms. The new program proposal process now requires an “Intent to Propose” stage. Please read the instructions below carefully. 

  • New/Changed Course 
    • Complete this form if you are submitting a new course or proposing significant changes to an existing course. 
    • New courses are submitted to the associate dean in that area for review. 
    • New courses are submitted to the College Curriculum Committee if Cultural Diversity (CD) or Service Learning (SL) designation is requested and to the Core Advisory Committee if A-F Core designation is requested. Please see for the learning outcomes for each area of the Core. 
  • New/Changed Program 

Curriculum Evaluation

Curriculum Maintenance

  •  Syllabi/Final Exam Time
    • All programs must submit the syllabi for all courses taught each semester. Please send the syllabi to the program assistant. The syllabi should indicate if there is a final exam, paper or project. Program assistants can click here for the Syllabi/Final Exam system
  • Credit Hour Policy Compliance
  • Catalog Changes
    • Click here if there is an inconsistency or other error in the current catalog