G Computer Sci

The Program

Admission and Foundation Requirements HereThe MSCS degree is a traditional Master's degree, giving students a broad education in Computer Science from computer architecture and operating systems to algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The program involves the completion of 36 units of credit. Graduate students undertake 9 courses, or 8 courses and a master's thesis (each course is 4 units). Graduate students who have not met the Foundation Requirements may need to complete additional coursework at USF. The courses must be chosen as follows:
  • Three Core Courses
  • One Masters Project
  • Five Electives from 200/300/400/600
  • One can be 200 with permission of Graduate Advisor
  • Two must be 600

Two electives may be used to satisfy foundational requirements or to shore up areas of weakness.

MSCS students take one course from each of the core areas:

Theory and Languages (1 course):
CS 652 Programming Language Principles
CS 673 Algorithms
Systems (1 course):
CS 635 Advanced Systems Programming
CS 636 Operating Systems
Parallel and Distributed Computing (1 course):
CS 625 Parallel and Distributed Computing
CS 682 Distributed Software Development

Graduate Course Offerings

(see course descriptions )

Advanced Undergraduate Courses (as Graduate Electives)
(see course descriptions beginning at CS 411)

Master's Project

The Master's degree requires that all students undertake a Master's project. The project can be either a sponsored project for a commercial concern or other institution or a research project. In either case, the project will result in the specification, design, and development of a significant software system with full documentation, an oral presentation to the university community, and a written report. The Master's Project is offered every semester .

Master's Thesis

The thesis is not required and is reserved for exceptional students. It is not a substitute for the Master's Project, and is normally a continuation of work undertaken in a Master's Project.

Practicum Option

The computer science graduate school at USF now offers a Practicum Option that allows students to gain practical paid work experience in the Silicon Valley while going to school. Students approved for the Practicum Option typically earn between $20 and $40 per hour, which makes school much easier to afford. Students take internships with companies such as BEA, Adobe, SAP, Intel, Technorati, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and Internet Archive.

Minimum GPA Requirements

The average grade of all courses taken to fulfill the M.S. degree requirements must be B (3.0) or better. Any semester in which the students GPA drops below 3.0, that are placed on probation. After a second semester on probation, the university will move to dismiss them from the program. Those students with fellowships must maintain a 3.3 GPA. At the close of the semester in which the student's GPA drops below 3.3, that student immediately loses any promised fellowship money.