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Credit Hour Policy Report

Please help us determine that courses taught in the College meet both the in-class requirements ("seat time") and the out-of-class requirements for the USF Credit Hour Policy.  Please read through the instructions and select your department or program below.  There will be a link for every course in the program.  Please complete the needed information.  Course lists were obtained from the College of Arts and Sciences catalog.  If any course is not listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact

Please note: 

You can start this survey, exit and return without losing any information.

There is no way to go from the "submitted" screen to the next course.  You must close the window and go back to the linked page to submit your next course.


Please review the requirements for all classes:


In-Class/Seat Time Requirements:

If a course meets during one of these times listed above (as it should if scheduled by the registrar's office), then it meets the seat time requirements. Please check "Seat Time" on the report.

If you find that a course does NOT meet during one of these times, please check the "No" box and provide an explanation as to why it meets on a different schedule.

Out-of-Class Requirements:

If your class meets the out-of-class requirements listed above, please check "Yes" for the "Out of Class Requirements" on the course survey.  If not, please check "No" and provide an explanation as to why.

Instructors are not required to include a statement about out-of-class work on their syllabi if the chair or program director indicates that the out-of-class requirement is met.  It is, however, highly recommended that department or programs require their instructors to include a statement on their syllabi about how the out-of-class requirement is met. An example for a 4-unit course would be:  "Assignments were created with the expectation that students will engage in approximately 8 hours of out-of-class work per week."

Cross-Listed Courses:

If a course is cross-listed and is taught by a professor in your department, please fil out this survey.  If the course is cross-listed and is taught by professors that are not in your department, please check the "No Longer Taught" boxes and write "CL" for cross-listed, in the explanation box.

Choose your department or Program:

Masters Programs:
If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about the policy or this report, please contact my office at
Shirley McGuire, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship and Academic Effectiveness