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Sarah Burgess

Associate Professor

Sarah Burgess (M.A./Ph.D. Rhetoric, University of California at Berkeley) is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and the Director of Gender and Sexualities Studies. She works at the intersection of rhetorical theory, political theory, philosophy, legal theory, and gender and sexualities studies to better understand the conditions and possibilities of justice for minority or oppressed populations. 

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Marilyn DeLaure

Associate Professor and Advertising Program Director

Marilyn (Bordwell) DeLaure teaches courses in rhetoric, criticism, and social movements. Her research investigates how people effect social change, focusing especially on embodied performance. She has published essays on dance, civil rights rhetoric, and environmental activism.

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Eve-Anne Doohan

Associate Professor

Professor Doohan teaches courses in interpersonal, nonverbal, and family communication. Her research focuses on the communication of married couples, with a particular interest in relational history narratives. She advises Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Studies honor society. She writes a blog for the Communication Studies department at http://blogs.usfca.edu/coms/, and maintains the department Twitter and Facebook profiles.

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Evelyn Ho

Associate Professor

Professor Ho teaches courses in communication and culture, health communication and Asian American studies. Her research focuses on communication around the use of holistic, complementary and alternative medicine use in the U.S.

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Marco Jacquemet

Professor and Chair

I teach courses in communication and culture, intercultural communication, geographies of communication, and justice and social change. My scholarship focuses on the communicative mutations produced by the circulation of migrants and media idioms in the Mediterranean area. I am currently writing a book based on this research, called Transidioma: Language and Power in the 21st Century, to be published by Blackwell in 2015. I am also present in Italian media activist networks, where I investigate the link between media and  power.

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Brandi Lawless

Assistant Professor

Brandi Lawless (Ph. D., Intercultural Communication, University of New Mexico) teaches Qualitative Methods, Communication and Culture, and Communication and Everyday Life. Her focus is on identity, race, and social class. Her work explores how ideologies are reproduced through everyday performances of self and how this leads to status-based hierarchies and social injustice.

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Allison Thorson

Assistant Professor

Professor Thorson's research focuses on interpersonal and family communication with an emphasis in how individuals and families communicatively manage and maintain well-being in the aftermath of hurtful and unexpected events as well as in everyday conversations.

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Bryan Whaley


Professor Whaley (Ph.D., Purdue University) teaches courses in social influence, message design in health interaction, communication and disability, and experimental research methods.  His research interests concern the relationship between language/message variables and social influence, linguistic and social cognitive factors related to illness explanation and compliance messages in health contexts, linguistic and visual strategies for explaining health-related, scientific or complex information, and communication strategies when interacting with persons with disabilities.