Collegiate Athletics+ is an online sports management program focused on the business of college sports

The college sports industry has entered a highly dynamic era, evolving at a rapid pace. There is a sea of change taking place both on and off campuses throughout the country with increasing demand for real-time trained professional talent with multi-dimensional skills.

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Our courses are taught by industry proven sports executives, athletic administrators, business entrepreneurs and technology leaders. This Executive Engagement is a defining feature of the program and a cornerstone of our professional development, career management and networking strategy.  The business and case study focused learning environment is designed to fit into the daily ebb and flow of your professional life.

"The collegiate sports landscape is the new dynamic proving ground for corporate business building. Budget pressures, increased competition and the spiraling cost of running successful athletic programs are compelling educational institutions to upgrade every aspect of their business building capabilities on behalf of athletic departments and entire university communities.

Collegiate decision makers are more receptive than ever to building proactive business operations units run by well trained professionals. We believe that the most exciting career opportunities in the sports world will be found on campuses throughout the country. The University of San Francisco's Masters Program is positioned to create a transformative experience in a highly differentiated and customized online real-time fashion to train tomorrows leaders in the business of collegiate athletics today."

- CA+ Faculty

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