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The college sports industry has entered a highly dynamic era, evolving at a rapid pace. There is a sea change taking place both on and off campuses throughout the country with increasing demand for real-time trained professional talent with multi-dimensional skills.

Our courses are taught by industry proven sports executives, athletic administrators, business entrepreneurs and technology leaders. This Executive Engagement is a defining feature of the program and a cornerstone of our professional development, career management and networking strategy.

An Online Master in Collegiate Athletics

Collegiate Athletics+ is an online masters program where students graduate with a Master in Collegiate Athletics from the University of San Francisco.

The business and case study focused learning environment is designed to fit into the daily ebb and flow of your professional life.

Personalized Classroom and Industry Engagement

All courses are 100 percent online. Personal engagement powered by the agility of online real-time courses provide students with professional development, career management and networking strategies unparalleled in the proactive world of College Sports.  Faculty will engage students directly through an online interactive digital platform, fostering immediacy in a constantly customized learning environment.

Expertise for a Booming Industry

What our industry proven faculty say:

Andy Dolich, Director of Career Development & Faculty
Executive roles in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Pro Soccer and Collegiate Sports

"I believe that the most exciting career opportunities in the sports world will be found on campuses throughout the country.  We've created Collegiate Athletics+ from the ground up to educate the next generation of dynamic leaders in the Collegiate Sports Business."

Michael Lynch, Advisory Board & Faculty
Former Head of Global Sponsorship Marketing at Visa

"Collegiate Sports is the new battleground for corporate marketers. With budget pressures and rising costs of running successful athletic programs, colleges and universities are more receptive than ever to corporate marketing support. This combination of tremendous need, value and opportunity are the foundation for true corporate sponsorship marketing partnerships."

Multiple Career Opportunities

A Master in Collegiate Athletics prepares you to launch, manage or advance your career as an athletic administrator (e.g., Athletic Director, Senior Women's Administrator, Associate/Assistant Athletic Director).

Within universities there are a variety of career and advancement opportunities in this field:

Media Relations
Academic Counseling
Business Operations
Communications & Marketing
Compliance & Governance
Equipment Operations
Events Center Management
Student & Academic Services
Ticket Operations
Trademark Licensing

Events and Sales
Development & Fundraising
Media Relations
New Media & Creative Services
Operations Administration
Risk Management
Venue Operations
Human Resources
Athletic Performance

It also prepares you for career and advancement opportunities in ancillary industries that support collegiate athletics, like:

Broadcast & Digital Networks
Branding & Marketing Agencies
College Athletics Conference Offices
Ticketing Solution Agencies

Retail & Merchandising Partners
Sponsorship Firms
Sport Technology Businesses
Collegiate Licensing Companies

Digital Innovation

Our courses emphasize the digital innovations and new technologies that are shaping college sports at all levels of the business and educational enterprise.

The University of San Francisco's location in the midst of the country's innovation capital also opens a unique opportunity for you to engage with emerging companies working in this digital sports and innovation space.

Students who graduate with a Master in Collegiate Athletics leave with a culminating ePortfolio project that showcases their best work and serves as an electronic resume for employers.

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