The minor draws from curricula in departments throughout the university. Students complete 20 hours of coursework: one required course, and four electives. Two of the electives must be from the list of “full coverage” courses on Chican@/Latin@ topics. The remaining two courses may offer partial coverage of Chican@/Latin@ themes.

Required Course:

SOC 313 Latin@-Chican@ Culture and Society


ART 309 Art of the Americas
ENGL 212 Intro to Chicano/a Literature Survey
HIST 379 Latinos in the US
MS 380 Latin@s in the US Media
POLS 325 Latino Politics in the US
PSYCH 350 Perspectives in Psych: Latin@ Psych
SOC 314 U.S. Mexico Borderlands
SPAN 206 Negotiating Language and Culture
SPAN 225 Spanish and Spanish Speakers
SPAN 301 Building Bridges
SPAN 272 Gender/Sexuality Latina Lit
SPAN 301 Building Bridges
SPAN 375 Literature of the US-Mexico Borderlands
THRS 340 Pan American Saints
THRS 345 Religion of U.S. Latinos
THTR 305 Latin@ America Performance & Culture

Partial Coverage Electives:

ART 390 Special Topics: Frida Kahlo Crossing Cultures
ENGL 205 Native American Lit and Film
LAS 351 Divisadero
LAS 390 Race and Religion in the Americas
MUS 180 Music and Social History
MUS 210 Music of the Americas
POLS 392 Immigration and Citizenship in the US
PSYCH 305 Psychology of Ethnic Groups in US
SOC 229 Diversity of American Families
SOC 240 People of Mixed Descent
SOC 302 Global Inequalities and Social Justice
SOC 304 US Inequalities and Social Justice
SOC 325 Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity
SOC 361 Brazilian Culture and Society
SOC 356 Juvenile Justice

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