News, Events and Highlights

R. West bio photoThe Department of Chemistry welcomes Professor Ryan West!

The Department of Chemistry welcomes our new professor starting in Summer 2015. Click here for his biography.

Current Research Opportunities Added in on Resource Page.

Click here to see the latest research opportunities.

Li Lab_UG 2015Undergraduates Participate in the Chemistry Research Program for Summer 2015.

Fourteen undergraduate students worked on research projects over the summer in the Bolitho, Castro/Karney, Curtis, Li, Margerum and Meloni labs. (Dr. Jack Li's Lab is pictured to the left.)

Congratulations to the 2015 Graduates and Award Recipients!

The department honored the 2015 graduates and award recipients at the annual chemistry banquet. The award recipients were Susanna Basappa, Brendan Corcoran, Audrey Smith, Giel Muller, Gail Vinnacombe, Boris Ngan Zun Hei, Jonathan Liu,

Simon Cooper, Clara Feider, Diana Cudia, Simon Luo, Ioannina Castano and Jessica Arbitman. Click here for additional details.

Najafi Award recipients 2015Students receive the Ron Najafi NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Innovations and Entrepreneurship Award for Undergraduate Research.

Juniors Simon Luo and Gail Vinnacombe were each presented a $500 award for summer research support at the chemistry banquet in May 2015. (Gail and Simon are pictured to the right with their research advisors, Drs. Claire Castro and William Karney.)

Dr. Giovanni Meloni receives the College of Arts and Sciences 2014 Dean’s Scholar Award in recognition of his research.

Dr. Giovanni Meloni is recognized for his research on the identification and characterization of reactive atmospheric and combustion chemical species. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques in computational research, Professor Meloni has discovered several never detected molecular species including peroxy radicals and the simplest criegge intermediate. Additionally, Dr. Meloni has investigated biofuels and their applications in reducing dependence on foreign oil sources.  Currently, he is investigating a unique superalkali, and has published his findings in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Gabie head shotUndergraduate sent to Switzerland to perform research.

Dr. Giovanni Meloni sent Gabrielle Laguisma, a student researcher in his lab, to perform research at the Paul Scherrer Institute (Swiss Light Source) near Zurich, Switzerland in Summer 2013.

Congratulations to Professors Claire Castro and William Karney on their grant money awards!

Drs. Castro and Karney landed another three-year National Science Foundation grant ($197,748) for their undergraduate based research projects that focus on dehydroannulenes, phenylenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The grant will provide training for undergraduate students in many aspects of computational organic chemistry and will benefit underrepresented groups in science.