Instrumentation and Facilities

UV-vis-NIRThe Chemistry Department at USF is fully equipped with a wide variety of research instrumentation. New and existing equipment are for both research projects and for hands on use during undergraduate Instrument lab finalteaching labs. For example, organic and inorganic students use a new Varian 500MHz NMR with automatic settings that significantly cut down on the time it takes for results. At the same time, new 2-D and 3-D experiments will become much more routine in faculty research projects. Physical, inorganic, biochemistry and analytical projects now have available a wide array of new instruments including a Cary 5000 UV-vis-NIR, a HBY FluoroMax-4 with built in excited state lifetime measurements, a Nicolet 6700 FT_IR with NXR FT Raman option, a PE EnVision plate reader and an upgraded HP GC-MSD. Other instruments of note in the department are a Shimadzu AAS with NMR finalAutosampler, a PAR 283 Electrochemistry station and four new Varian 430 GCs. The department also has a variety of chemistry software programs for use in our computer lab.



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Instrument Lab
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500MHz NMR