Student Profiles

Michael Campos

Capstone Project in Focus: The Hollywood Production Code and the Catholic Church

Campos"Combining what I have learned in my Media Studies major as well as what I have continued to learn about Catholic Studies and Social Thought, my capstone concerns the Hollywood Production Code of 1934 and the involvement of the Catholic Church in its writing. The influence of the Catholic Church is far reaching and the introduction of a new medium, motion pictures, is no exception. This new crusade against immorality in film during its "Golden Age" paved the way for the way we view film today. I will look to trace the transformation of the Legion of Decency to the current Office for Film and Broadcasting to understand the involvement of the Church and reasons for it. I will apply themes from Catholic Social Teaching that will make clear the purpose of the Legion of Decency as well as through an Aristotelian and Thomist analysis concerning virtues. This undertaking has not only proved to be very arduous but, more importantly, I have gained a better understanding of Catholic Social Thought by applying teachings to the Hollywood Code."

Hannah Mora

Capstone Project in Focus: the Catholic Church in El SalvadorHannah

"I was inspired to begin a Catholic Studies minor after taking a Catholic Social Thought class that completely altered the way I thought about the relationship between Catholicism, politics, economics, and social issues in the world today. After taking Liberation Theology in El Salvador during the spring semester of my junior year, I had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador and to visit many of the different communities and organizations working to make a difference within the country. I was so moved by the people and their faith that I returned for a month long summer course called El Salvador Today, and have just recently returned from a third trip where I attended a liberation theology conference at the Universidad Centroamerican. As a result of the immersion experiences, as well as the work done in the classroom, I have been able to compile research and reflection for my capstone project concerning the split in Catholic church in El Salvador between the more conservative traditional church and the more liberal progressive church."