Get involved in the the emerging field of "big data" with the Bachelor of Science degree in data science (BSDS) at the University of San Francisco. This challenging and interdisciplinary major provides rigorous academic training in mathematics and quantitative skills, programming, and problem solving for data-intensive fields such as economics, biology, computer science, and many others.

The core courses in the BSDS major are in mathematics and computer science, with 52 units distributed among these two departments; plus, one economics course.

In addition, each student chooses one of three concentrations:

  • mathematical data science (12 units)
  • computational data science (12 units)
  • economic data science (12 units)

for a total of 68 units.

This is a large major, but comparable with other science majors such as Chemistry and Biology. As with those majors, this is intended for focused, well-prepared students who are interested in spending the bulk of their college career developing skills within their major.

In addition to being career-ready upon graduation, students will be prepared for graduate training programs in analytics, financial engineering, computer science, economics, and applied mathematics. The most successful students in this program will have the option to enroll in a 4+1 program with USF's own Masters in Analytics, where they can complete their professional training with further course work and an industrial practicum working with companies around the Bay Area on big data problems.


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