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The Program

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The University of San Francisco offers a Professional Science Master's degree in Biotechnology in which a combination of biotechnology-related and MBA-level business courses are the focus. Students can start the graduate program each year in the fall (late August) or spring (late January). The program is intended for students who do not wish to pursue a Ph.D but still seek a career in the industry.

The curriculum integrates the fundamentals of molecular biology, technology and business to build a comprehensive program that fully prepares graduates for jobs in the industry. The program also includes an internship requirement that helps students gain a hands-on perspective of the technical experience and business skills necessary for success in the biotechnology field.

Students come from many parts of the world as well as from the United States, making the program truly international.

Program of Study


The graduate program in Biotechnology is intended for students who do not wish to pursue a Ph.D but still seek a career in the industry. Prospective students should have a Bachelor's degree in Biology or Chemistry. Other applicants from other science majors may also be accepted provided they have completed the following undergraduate courses:

  • 2 semesters general biology
  • 2 semesters general chemistry
  • 1 semester organic chemistry
  • 1 semester genetics

The program of study is planned by the student in collaboration with his or her faculty advisor during the first semester of studies.


The Professional Science Master's in Biotechnology is a two-year, four-semester Master's program comprised of 36 units. Thirty three units are required core graduate courses (ten courses and the internship) and one course is an elective. Students may take extra elective units in their area of interests in addition to those required.

CORE COURSES (Required), 32 units

(4 units)

Molecular Biology (BTEC 620), 4 units Biochemistry
Bioinformatics (CS 640), 4 units Cancer Biology
Advanced Research Methods Lab (BTEC 688), 4 units Cell Ultrastructure
Immersion International Biotech Program,
(MBA 6797), 2 unites
Developmental Biology
 Information of Biotech (MBA 6562), 2 units Directed Studies
Seminar - Molecular Biology (BIOL 600), 1 unit Endocrinology
Legal, Social & Ethical Implications of Biotech (MBA 6563), 2 units Immunology
Local, National Biotech (MBA 6561), 2 units Medical Microbiology
Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology & Lab (BIOL 685/BIOL 686), 4 units Microbiology
Biotech Internship Seminar (BIOL 601), 1 unit Molecular Medicine
Business Teams & Small Group Dynamics (MBA 6413), 2 units Physiology
  Research for Advanced     
Internship in Biotechnology (BIOL 697), 4 units Virology


Sample Two Year Program


First Year
Second Year
Molecular Biology (MW) Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology Bioinformatics (MW) Biotech Internship
Information of Biotech
(T) - 1st half
Business Teams & Small Group Dynamics
(T) - 1st half
Advanced Research
Methods Lab (MW)
Legal, Social & Ethical Implications of Biotech (T) - 2nd half Local & National
Biotech (T) - 2nd half
Biotech Internship Seminar (T)  
  Molecular Biology Seminar (T)