Transfer Students

The Biology major at USF offers students broad training in biology as well as a variety of exciting pathways including ecology, molecular biology, biotechnology, and preparation for the health professions. Students benefit from small class sizes, close interaction with professors, integration of state of the art technology into classes, opportunities to do research with faculty members, involvement in a wealth of student organizations, and the abundant resources for learning in surrounding San Francisco.  The Biology Department offers guidance to help transfer students transition into the Biology major at USF and get the most from their education.  

If you are considering applying to the Biology major at USF—click here for a synopsis of programs in the Biology major and how you can prepare for the major.

If you would like to map out your coursework for the Biology major at USF—click here for details on the courses you will need to complete and a worksheet to plan your coursework.  This information should be useful for prospective, admitted, and continuing transfer students.