Program Outcomes

The Biology Mission Statement, Program Goals and Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes:


Mission Statement

Within the Vision, Mission and Values Statements of the University of San Francisco, the faculty of Biology educates undergraduate students in current biological concepts and methodologies in the laboratory and the natural environment to prepare them to be good citizens, to go on for advanced work in the sciences, and for professional careers in the health field.


Program Goals

The Biology Program seeks to develop the following knowledge and skills in its students:

  • An understanding of major biological concepts.
  • Problem solving, analytical and communication skills as they apply to biological sciences.
  • The ability to apply the scientific method and critical thinking in an ethical fashion to biological problems.
  • An awareness of career pathways in the biological sciences.


 Learning Outcomes               

Upon completing the Biology B.S. degree program, graduates will be able to

  • Demonstrate both in-depth and broad knowledge of the concepts that comprise the biological sciences.
  • Apply the scientific process, including designing and conducting experiments and testing hypotheses.
  • Perform laboratory techniques (such as light microscopy, gel electrophoresis and keeping a laboratory notebook and understanding of principles of laboratory safety).
  • Demonstrate the ability to read, understand, and critically review scientific papers and prepare oral and written reports in a standard scientific format.
  • Express an awareness of the careers and professions available in the biological sciences and an understanding of the significance ethics plays in the field.