The University of San Francisco offers a Master of Science degree in Biology in which hands-on lab research with full-time teaching/research faculty is its focus.

The Biology and Chemistry programs at USF are designed for graduate students seeking a graduate program with personalized research direction and training from full-time faculty - all while studying in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

All students admitted to the graduate program receive generous financial assistance from the Department of Biology, which includes a full-tuition scholarship for their graduate studies. Most graduate students are also awarded a Teaching Assistantship with a stipend of $7,200 per year and some qualified graduate students receive Research Assistantships as well.

The Biology research experience and training in USF's graduate program prepares our graduate students well for a future in one of the following areas:

  • Professional research positions in the educational, medical, pharmaceutical or biotech fields, as well as other industries with biological research and development
  • Further studies in a Ph.D. program or medical school
  • Teaching positions at the high school and community college level


USF Biology Professor Awarded NIH Grant
Juliet SpencerProfessor Juliet Spencer was awarded a $424,783 NIH research grant...

The John Lo Schiavo, S.J. Center for Science and Innovation is Now Open!
CSI BuildingLo Schiavo Science is now open for the entire campus community, with the particular purpose of strengthening scientific preparation...

Can Snail's Immunity Stop Human Infections?
Sullivan SchistosomiasisUSF biology Professor John Sullivan researches the genetic secret to snails immunity to human infections...

Teaching the Science and Business of Biotechnology
BiotechnologyTeaching in the heart of the global biotechnology industry...

Does a Common Virus Aid the Spread of Cancer?
Spencer3WebProfessor Juliet Spencer awarded NIH grant for cancer research...

Secrets of Re-sprouting Heads
Procotyla FluviatilisResearchers identify a signaling pathway that can control how well flatworms regenerate the front parts of their bodies...

Grow a New Head? Or Tail? Flatworms Can, if the Right Gene is Tweaked
FlatwormExperiments reveal that silencing a key gene allows for regeneration in flatworms...


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