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April 2, 2014
Street Kids Speak Up
Highlighting issues of local and global homelessness, senior Philip Gibson brings the stories of street children to campus
by Joe Issac

Senior USF international studies majors Phillip Gibson and Kate Armstrong organized a forum on homelessness last week, where panelists discussed its effects on street youths.

At the forum, titled “Stories of Street Children from around the Bay and Across the World,” panelists spoke on modern day homelessness and the manner  in which societies perceive their indigent youth.

Attendees of the forum viewed USF student Moonui Choi’s short documentary “Homeless in Haight.” Choi’s film explores the world of street kids through the eyes of several local transients: Krust, Fox, Angel, and Pretzel.

Those interviewed shared a belief that  stigmatization of the homeless often marginalizes them within society. Street kids struggle for basic recognition as human beings: “I’ll ask [pedestrians] what time it is time it is” said Fox, “and they’ll ignore me but they’ll talk to my cat.”

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