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November 12, 2014
No Hope, No Vote: Why Young Voters Fail to Turn Up at the Polls
by Karina Prigge ('16)

Last week’s midterm election results showed that voters have little faith in the Democratic party — handing Republicans full control of Congress. I find the election results troubling, because filling our Senate and House of Representatives with right-wing politicians does nothing to support the interests of young voters, like student debt, health care and gender rights. Thus, the midterm election results have subsequently caused an uproar among young voters, a demographic I myself am a part of, but what U.S. citizens between the ages of 18-29 have seemingly failed to understand is that in order to see both government policies and politicians reflect their interests, they must not only register, but also vote.

The Washington Examiner calls the midterm elections, a “Midterm postmortem” as Democrats failed to draw young voters to the polls. The problem that lies at the core of this Democratic failure is that young people are adamant about change, but do not necessarily want to take the steps to reform the system by simply registering to vote or show up at the polls. It is shocking that only 13 percent of young voters overall participated in last Tuesday’s elections. Of those who did vote between the ages of 18-29, 54 percent voted for Democrats, while the other 43 percent went to the Republicans. These numbers reveal the priorities and attention of voters today. Young voters need to be proactive and seize upon their right to vote, if they want to see their interests reflected in government policy. We cannot demand change to happen without taking action as simple as voting. If young voters want to see change, they must vote for the representatives that express their same values and ideas, rather than be passive towards the government that we will inherit.

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