Past International Studies Events


S14 - Garden Day S14 - Stories of Street Children from Around the Bay and Across the World S14 - 20 Years Later: Commemorating the Rwandan Genocide with Consolee Nishimwe

F13 - Honors Thesis Symposium F13 - Report Back from Costa Rica with Lauren AbuAli F13 - Tea Around The World F13 - What was Politics to the Denisovan? The Social Sciences Before Humanity, a talk by Kennan Ferguson F13 - Access to Education from a Local and Global Perspective

S13 - The Psychology of Trauma S13 - Steve Moore: Special Agent Man

F12 - Honors Thesis Symposium F12 - The Arab Spring: How Did It Get Here and Where Is It Going? F12 - 2012 Foreign Policy Presidential Debate Watch Party

S12 - Digest This S12 - 9/11 + 10: I Am an American film screening and discussion S12 - Water Around the World

F11 - 9/11 + 10: Institution Building and Civil Society in Afghanistan F11 - 9/11+10: Counterterrorism to Counterinsurgency: Exit Strategies for the War in Afghanistan F11 - After 9/11: Windows & Mirrors: Reflections on the War in Afghanistan opening night reception F11 - 9/11 +10: After 9/11 documentary screening

S11 - Lessons Learned in Conflict Resolution S11 - Local and Global Perspectives on the Politics of Pregnancy S11 - State of the World, A Response to the State of the Union S11 - State Of The Union Watch Party

Politics & International Studies Honors Symposium F10 - Tea on the Axis of Evil