BAIS Alumni Update

Yes, there is life after BAIS! Check in with old classmates using the "Class of" menus on the right and see what might be waiting for you after you graduate.

Our latest alumni profile is from the Class of 2014:

Matt SlastenMatthew Slasten
(Environment & Development, European Studies)
Following graduation, I was lucky enough to get a paid internship at an email infrastructure company called Message Systems. That internship turned into a full time, salaried position at the beginning of August and as it stands now, I am a Database Operations Associate. I help maintain the company's CRM system and have become pretty knowledgeable in all things Salesforce. The company is headquartered in Columbia, MD, but has a satellite office in downtown SF, so I was able to stay here. The work I am doing is different, yet surprisingly similar to the Environmental focus that I had at USF. Although I am not wading in rivers and collecting samples, I am still working in data analysis and that was always something that I loved to do. I am still maintaining databases and running reports, but now it is focused on customers and prospects rather than methylmercury or water quality. 

I still have a passion for all things environmental and I still do foresee myself in that field somewhere down the line, but maybe not in the same direction that I had thought while I was at USF. At USF, I had these ideas that I could invent the next big green technology and clean up the world. That may still be possible, but I have really come to see the importance of environmental policy and management within powerhouse companies. This job has really opened my eyes to just how pervasive these corporate structures are in our world and the power that they have. If that power could see the importance of green energy and environmental policies, then there is no telling how far the environmental movement could go. 

Lastly, this job has really reinvigorated my excitement to travel. I recently got to take a business trip to New Orleans and it was amazing just how different cultures can be within the U.S. Additionally, I have plans to go to Germany sometime down the road and get a Masters Degree in an Environmental field.