BAIS Alumni Update

Yes, there is life after BAIS! Check in with old classmates using the "Class of" menus on the right and see what might be waiting for you after you graduate.

Our latest alumni profile is an update from the Class of 2012:

Andy ReinhardAndy Reinhard
(Global Politics and Societies, European Studies)
After graduating from USF in the Spring of 2012, I temporarily worked as the Executive Assistant at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. Although my tenure at Presidio was short, I was exposed to their academic programs and immediately became interested in public administration and policy. In late 2012, I accepted a position at Arcadia Health Services working in their temporary nurse staffing division. While working in the staffing department, I was responsible for placing nurses at large Bay Area hospitals, recruitment, and marketing. After the company downsized, I decided to work in a different division focusing primarily on finance and accounting, something I had never done. After two years in the working world, I will be returning to school this fall at Mills College for a Master of Public Policy. Having been exposed to many policy issues during my tenure at USF and working in San Francisco, I knew this program at Mills would be a wonderful fit for me. It is my hope to focus on regional public health and water policy issues. (08/1/14)