BA/BS-MAPS Program

    If you have an interest in Asia...
                   If you study or plan to study an Asian language...
If you want to gain a significant competitive career advantage...
                             If you want to save 12 months and thousands of dollars...

The B.A./B.S – Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies Program (BA–MAPS) offers you the chance to dramatically add to the value of your undergraduate education and earn two degrees in five years.

BA-MAPS is a ‘Four Plus One’ program; earn USF’s unique Master’s Degree in Asia Pacific Studies  in only one additional year of study after you receive your Bachelor or Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from USF.

Any USF undergraduate ought to consider taking advantage of this program. The ideal BA– MAPS candidate is someone studying any undergraduate major, with a strong interest in Asia, either currently studying an Asian language (juniors and seniors) or with a plan to do so (freshmen and sophomores). Your classmates in the program seminars will be graduate students enrolled in the MAPS program.

If you want to be involved with the future of the most culturally, economically, and politically dynamic part of the world, BA–MAPS provides you with the best possible preparation for participating in the continuing rise of the Pacific Rim whether your interest is in business, education, the professions, or a non-profit field.

You will be earning up to 20 units as an undergraduate (12 Asian language units and eight BA– MAPS seminar units) that will be applied to the 36-unit total for the Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies degree. This means you be able to earn graduate credit while taking advantage of undergraduate financial aid, saving you thousands of dollars in graduate tuition and 12 months of valuable time in the process.


sun By the end of your Junior year –
Complete at least 12 units of Asian language at USF with a grade of ‘B’ or better; earn at least a 3.0 Cumulative GPA in all your undergraduate classes;

In the Spring of your Junior year –
Apply for and be accepted into the BA–MAPS program; register for the Fall BA–MAPS seminar;

In your Senior year –
Take one BA–MAPS seminar in the Fall and one in the Spring (see back panel); earn a grade of ‘B’ or better in each;

In the year following your graduation –

Matriculate into the MAPS program; complete the MAPS degree’s four remaining seminars, two in Fall and two in Spring, earning a grade of ‘B’ or better.

If you are just starting your education at USF and are interested in Asia, take an early opportunity to explore the Asia-related majors, minors, and certificates available. Any undergraduate major is good preparation for BA–MAPS but your decision to pursue the study of an Asian language is the key to taking full advantage of the BA–MAPS program.

If your are already pursuing a major and studying an Asian language, then you will want to plan to make room in your Senior year schedule for the two BA–MAPS seminars you need to take prior to graduation.

By all means, stop by the Center for the Pacific Rim office to find out more and to pick up an application. Send us an email to be notified about Asia-related public programs we offer throughout the school year.

THE BA–MAPS SEMINARS (To be completed in your Senior year)
- Comparative Modernization of East Asia (0185-601: History; Fall)
- Cultures of East Asia (0185-605: Religion/Philosophy: Spring)

THE REMAINING MAPS SEMINARS (To be completed in the ‘fifth’ year)
- Literature of East Asia (0185-635: Literature; Fall)
- Culture & Society in the Contemporary Asia Pacific (0185-636: Sociology/Anthropology; Fall)
- The International Politics of East Asia (0185-620: Politics; Spring)
- The Economies of East Asia (0185-640: Economics; Spring)

Interested students should contact us for application forms and details.

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