The Student Experience

Featured Alumni

Market Manager for Japan and South Asia, George Alessandria
Leading the push by Lucent Technologies into the lucrative communication technology markets of East, Southeast, and South Asia and pursuing an Executive MBA.

Vice President and Corporate Marketing Director, Steven Borg
Engineering the sale of a Japanese-owned bank to a regional U.S. bank group, and assisting in the merger with another resulted in the establishment of the California Bank & Trust, and now building the company's community banking business.

Senior Financial Writer, Sarah Douglass
Analyzing financial issues for Montgomery Asset Management ranging from the effects of the Asian crisis to prospects for further growth in internet stocks.

Regional Policy and Information Officer, Mona Laczo
Based in Bangkok and traveling to trouble spots throughout Southeast Asia, fulfilling the humanitarian mission of the Jesuit Refugee Service.

North Asia Manager, Jim McAdam
Overseeing the huge shipping and transportation network of the American President Lines from the APL offices in Tokyo.

Senior Research Assistant, Eric Croddy
Studying the implications of the complex and challenging 'new world order' in relation to the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons at the Monterey Institute for International Studies.

Manager of Contract Services, Lee Okumoto
Helping to move the San Francisco International Airport into the 21st Century.

Language Teacher, Ginger Daughtry
Providing English language instruction to child and adult students at Aeon, one of the oldest and largest language schools in Japan, with over 450 foreign teachers in 200 schools teaching over 65,000 students.

Online Marketing Specialist, Mayumi Story
Promoting computer gaming and software magazines online for Imagine Media, the publishers of Mac Addict, PC Gamer and Business 2.0.

Director of Development and Public Relations, Beth Porter
Building the future of American education at the non-profit, international AmeriCorps program Summerbridge National, dedicated to providing support, encouragement and educational challenge to exceptional urban youth.

Strategic Business Consultant, Joseph Liba
Offering freelance joint venture, information technology and business process re-engineering services to multinational companies in Bangkok, Thailand.

Arts Entrepreneur, William O'Dea
Exporting musical and artistic talent from the U.S. to China and importing arts and crafts from China to the U.S. at the head of his own company, Tang 1000.

Public Programs Officer, Lorraine Snyder
Planning and producing major outreach events involving key policy makers, noted educators, and the general public at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington D.C.

Consultant and Investment Promotion Officer, Robin Won
Supplying expertise and experience at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office to companies seeking to invest in the former colony as it adjusts to being part of China in an increasingly competitive trade environment.

Assistant Director of Research, Heather Easley
Expanding the knowledge base of the Japan External Trade Organization, providing critical information for American and Japanese business leaders.

Student Research Projects

Students in the Asia Pacific Studies Program write research papers in conferral with professors and their expertise in methodology, bibliography and research design:

"The Yen-US Dollar Exchange Rate vs. Japanese Trade Surplus Trajectory: Causes and Consequences", Leon Kaufman

"The International Relations of a Unified Korea", Naina Monokandilos

"Myanmar: A Potential 'Asian Miracle?' Prospects for Myanmar Analyzed in the Context of the Indonesian Development Framework", Sarah E. Thorn Douglas

"Dangerous Ground: The South China Sea Territorial Dispute", John W. Batcheller

"A Study of Bi-lingual and Japanese Immersion Education in Elementary Grades in California", Jacqueline Nagatsuka

"Sports Marketing and Sports Sponsorship in Asia", Danny Hudson

"Financing Environmental and Energy Infrastructure Projects in Asia", Elizabeth Krauth

"Peaceful Evolution: Mongolia's Steps Towards a Free Market Economy", David Fennell

"The Japanese Consumer", Valerie Morgan

"Human Resources in Hong Kong", Yeet May Wong

"Urban Poverty: The Philippines", Larry Ong

"The Sea of Fertility: The Last Testament of Yukio Mishima", Scott Huber

"The Prospects for Chinese Reunification", Reena Medina

"Vietnam: Building Foundations for Continued Growth", David Gordon

"The Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia: Catalysts for Development", James Hubert

"The Feminine Face of Imperial China: A Lyrical Review of China's Historic Women and their Contribution to Politics, Poetry, Art and Society", Paul C. Bellows

"Is the Blood of Empire Black or Red? The Economics and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Opium Trade, 1500 - 1940", Aaron Gilbert

"Tansu: A Window into Life in Nineteenth Century Japan", Andrew Scal

"Copyright or Censorship? The History of Provisions on Printing and Publishing in China from the Invention of Printing through the Leadership of Mao Tsetung", Leslie Dudbridge

"Necessary Lessons: The Sino-Vietnamese Conflict and Chinese Military Modernization", Mark Stephen Mir

"Reluctant Reparations: The Interpretation of History and the Politics Behind Japan's Wartime Apologies", E. Joan Lee

"Economic Development and Child Labor in India and Southeast Asia", Elisa Oreglia

"Breaking Through the Glass: Challenges for Women in Japanese Management", Sharon Aretsky

"Junichiro Tanizaki: An Uneasy Relationship with the West", Greg Knittel