African American Studies

The African American Studies minor exposes students to the interdisciplinary study of the history, politics, arts, experiences, and intellectual traditions of African Americans. GraduationTo do so we draw broadly on history, sociology, literature, philosophy, psychology, politics, theology, and the arts. The courses explore the rich cultural and intellectual traditions of the evolving Black American life. Through the core course students are grounded in the fundamentals of African American history, and in the electives the students learn that the African American experience is at the heart of not only the United States experience but also the experience of the Americas and the world.

USF's vision to educate students who will fashion a more just and humane world is central to the mission of African American Studies. The minor provides opportunities for students to engage in rigorous examinations of social inequality, change, and justice. These conversations are made especially challenging by confronting students with the moral and political demands of social diversity, which includes class, culture, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexuality. This educational experience prepares students to responsibly and respectfully engage in our common pursuit of justice.


Commemorating Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This month our nation will commemorate the 86th Birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 52 years after his “I Have A Dream” Speech at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in our nation’s capital. Dr. Clarence B. Jones, one of USF's distinguished professors, shares his reflections in "Dreaming On, Marching On."



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