Recommended Path for Applying to Law School

This plan is directed towards those students who plan to attend law school directly out of their undergraduate studies.  But please note that, increasingly, many students are opting to take time off between their undergraduate studies and law school.


Freshman Year and Beyond


Consider career options

Volunteer / Work in professional law settings

Meet, talk with, and shadow working legal professionals

Explore other areas of interest

Develop your study skills

Hone your problem solving abilities

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Discover who you are as an individual



Sophomore Year


Investigate law schools

Request information from schools

Study published materials

Start familiarizing yourself with the LSAT 


Junior Year


Fall Semester:

Begin to request recommendation letters from faculty, employers, and   

Attend Law School Forum (usually in November in Oakland or SF)

Begin studying for the LSAT

Spring Semester:

Register for the LSAT

                 -  Check deadlines for Test registration

Look into various preparation courses and materials


Summer Before Senior Year


Study for the LSAT

Register with LSDAS 

Request undergraduate transcripts be sent to LSDAS

Request application materials from law schools

Begin writing personal statement

Take practice LSATs

The June LSAT exam is recommended so students avoid having to take the
         LSAT during the semester

Further investigate law school choices

Write a draft resume, emphasizing law-related experience



Senior Year


Take the LSAT – While there is a test date offered in December, we recommend
        that you take the October exam.  For many schools, December is too late!

Write Personal Statement

Finalize resume 

Request Letters of Recommendation

Compile list of law schools to apply to

Meet with a Pre-law Advisor to discuss your personal statement and choice of

Research financial aid options