International Resources

The University of San Francisco values the diversity of cultures, experiences, customs, and traditions of the international students that come from over 80 countries to study here. USF provides many resources and services to support international students academically and socially and to help with the transition from another country to the USA. Below are a few of the organizations dedicated to international students.

Intensive English Program

Our Intensive English Program is designed to provide you with the additional English language training you will need to compete in our academic environment.

International Student Services

International Student Orientation and our International Student Advisor will assist you in making the adjustment to living and studying at the University of San Francisco.

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International Student Association

Your experience at USF will be enriched by the opportunity to participate in the International Student Association and one or more of its 18 international student clubs, as well as a large variety of other student clubs and organizations.

International Scholarship Information

While USF does not offer international student scholarships or financial aid, you may find other sources of financial assistance at the Institute for International Education Scholarship Directory web site.