Required Documentation

Which Application Form?

Apply Online Through the USF Self-Service Application
International. If you are not a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident, you are considered to be an International Student, and should submit the USF Application for International Student Undergraduate Admission.

Domestic. If you are a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident living or studying abroad, you are considered to be a Domestic Student, and should submit the USF Application for Undergraduate Admission.

Apply Online Through the Common Application
Both International and Domestic students may apply through the Common Application.

Personal Essay

Your Personal Essay gives you the opportunity to tell us about your past achievements, future goals, and how you will contribute to the USF academic community.

Official Academic Records

You must submit an official transcript and exit exam results (if any) from each secondary school, college, or university you have attended. Authenticated (notarized or certified) translations should accompany any records issued in a language other than English.

Freshman Applicants for Fall 2015 admission must submit a transcript that includes Fall 2014 (first-term or mid-year) grades, when available.

Transfer Applicants
are strongly encouraged to provide Course Descriptions and Course Syllabi, in English, for any courses completed outside the United States. These materials will aid in the evaluation of courses for possible awarding of transfer course credit. If you have successfully completed one year (24 semester or 36 quarter units) of transferable academic coursework at the university level, you do not need to submit your secondary school records.

must be sent directly from each school's Records or Registrar’s office in sealed envelopes to:

University of San Francisco
Office of International Admission Records
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1088

Failure to submit all transcripts may result in a change of your admission status or incomplete awarding of transfer course credits.

Mid-Year Report Form for Freshman Applicants

The Mid-Year Report Form is provided for Freshman applicants applying for Fall 2015 admission under Regular Action to submit Fall 2014 (first-term or mid-year) grades, or predicted International Baccalaureate or A-Level results, before an official transcript becomes available. You should give this Form to your School Counselor, Registrar, or other official who sends out transcripts no later than the end of your Fall 2014 term.

Should you be applying through the Common Application, your school official may choose to submit either the Mid-Year Report form included in the Common Application, or the USF Mid-Year Report Form.

If you have completed your secondary education, you do not need to submit the Mid-Year Report Form, but should instead provide a copy of your final high school transcript and any exit examination results.

Gap Year Explanation for Freshman Applicants

If you are applying to enroll as a Freshman in Fall 2015, and will have completed your secondary education one or more years before then, please provide an explanation describing your education, employment, or other significant activities during this “Gap” between your high school graduation and college entry. This information will help us not only to learn more about you, but also to determine what type of USF I-20 should be issued to you, if any.

Please Note: If you have taken any college- or university-level courses since completing your secondary education, you will begin your USF studies as a Transfer student, not a Freshman, in Fall 2015. English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are considered to be college preparatory courses, not college-level courses.

Official Testing Records

Please arrange for the relevant testing service to send your official test scores directly to USF. Although photocopies of your score reports may be submitted initially to assist us in assessing your application, they must be followed by official test score results.

Non-Native Speakers of English
If English is not your native language, you must submit official results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTEA) as evidence of your English language competency.

Regular Admission
Students who otherwise meet the University's admission requirements and earn the following minimum results are eligible for Regular Admission consideration.

TOEFL:    80 iBT (Internet-Based Test)
                With no subscore below 18

IELTS:      6.5 Overall Band Score
                With no individual band score below 6.0

PTEA:       53 Overall Score
                With no subscore below 45

Conditional Admission
Applicants who do not satisfy the English proficiency requirements for regular admission may be admitted to USF on the condition that they enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, along with other academic courses, during their first semesters at USF. Normally, English-Conditional admission requires a TOEFL score of 65 iBT, with no subscore below 14; an IELTS Overall Band Score of at least 6.0 with no subscore below 5.5; or a PTEA Overall Score above 40.

Please Note: Nursing applicants are not eligible for English-Conditional admission, and must meet the minimum English proficiency requirements. 

Standardized College Admission Tests: SAT or ACT
Applicants who are completing an American or International Baccalaureate curriculum are required to submit official SAT or ACT Scores. All other applicants are recommended, but not required, to submit such scores.  The USF College Board (SAT) Code is 4850, and the ACT Code is 0466.

Your English language proficiency will be considered when reviewing your SAT or ACT scores during the admission decision process.

Please Note: International students who submit SAT or ACT scores are automatically considered for Academic Merit Scholarships Awards.  Awards range up to $20,000 per year of undergraduate study, and are based on a combination of academic achievement (GPA), SAT/ACT scores, and English proficiency test scores.

Letter of Recommendation

The Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or professor, school counselor or academic adviser, or other school official who knows you well will assist us in our appraisal of your personal character and contributions to your community, academic ability and accomplishments, and your potential to succeed in college.

Please request that your recommender submit the Letter of Recommendation Form along with your Letter. Should you be applying through the Common Application your recommender may choose to submit either the appropriate "School Report" or "Teacher Evaluation" form included in the Common Application, or the USF Letter of Recommendation Form.

Certification of Finances

All international students must submit a Certification of Finances (Spring 2015 or Fall 2015) showing that sufficient funds are available to pay for tuition and fees, housing and meals, health insurance, books, and personal expenses during their studies at USF before a Certificate of Visa Eligibility (Form I-20) can be issued. You, your parent or sponsor, and relevant bank official must complete and sign the Certification of Finances Form. In addition, a bank letter or bank statement must be submitted to verify that the required amount of funding is available.

Passport Data Page

Your name must appear on your Form I-20 exactly as it appears on your passport. You must therefore submit a copy of your passport data page (face/photo page) before your immigration documents can be issued. Please submit a copy of your passport data page, along with the Certification of Finances, to aid in the issuance of your immigration documents.

Application Fee

A non-refundable $55 application fee is required. You may pay by an international money order or by a check drawn from a U.S. bank. Either must be made payable to the University of San Francisco in U.S. dollars.

Personal checks drawn from a non-U.S. bank are not accepted. Please do not send cash.

If you are applying online through the USF Self-Service Application, you may make a secure credit card payment at the same time.

Postal Mailing Address for Documents

All paper documents and payments should be mailed to:

University of San Francisco
Office of International Admission Records
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1088

Electronic Mailing Address for Documents

In most cases, all documents––except official transcripts and official test score results––may be sent in PDF form via electronic mail to


Should you have any questions, or require assistance in completing your application, please be in touch with your International Admission Counselor:

Asia (Except China), Oceania
Jason Opdyke
Assistant Vice President for International Relations

Central and South Asia, Middle East
Mark Priolo
Director of International Admission

Africa, Americas, Europe
Sara Varela-Acevedo
Associate Director of International Admission

Christina Mengchen Xu
Director, International Relations, China