Welcome to the University of San Francisco's Petition to Enroll at Another Institution (PEAI) Webpage. Currently this page is for Bachelor of Science in Management students only.

Students enrolled at USF who wish to take courses at another institution must petition a University Evaluator for approval of the transferability of the course work and its USF equivalent. This online PEAI form may only be used by students in the Bachelor of Science in Management program. Courses from California community colleges must be CSU transferable (check the school's catalog). Courses from other accredited schools must be baccalaureate level (eg. UC Extension courses numbered 1-199 are transferable, courses numbered 200-499 are not). If you are petitioning to fulfill Core Curriculum requirements not met by courses in your major, some guidelines and examples are listed below.

Click here to fill out the PEAI form.

Guide to the Core Curriculum for Bachelor of Science in Management students:

Area A. Foundations of Communication [8-units]
1. Public Speaking (4-units) May be satisfied by: Public Speaking, Argumentation Not satisfied by: Interpersonal Communication, Group Dynamics, Theatre
2. Rhetoric and Composition (4-units) *  May be satisfied by: English Composition,  College Writing Not satisfied by: Remedial English courses, ESL courses
Area B. Mathematics and Science [8-units]

1. Math or Quantitative Science (4-units) *  

May be satisfied by: Pre-calculus or higher (including Statistics)

Not satisfied by: Math courses below Pre-calculus

2. Applied or Laboratory Science (4-units)

 May be satisfied by: Biology, Chemistry, Physical Geography, Astronomy  

Not satisfied by: Nutrition, Human Sexuality
Area C. Humanities [8-units]

1. Literature (4-units) *

May be satisfied by: Survey of English/ American or World Lit

Not satisfied by: English Comp, College Writing

2. History (4-units)

May be satisfied by: U.S. History, World Civ., History of Native Americans, History of Philippines, History of Women in America

Not satisfied by: American Government, History of California,
Area D. Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics [12-units]

1. Philosophy (4-units)

May be satisfied by: Intro to Philosophy, History of Philosophy

Not satisfied by: Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Logic, or Critical Thinking

2. Theology (4-units)

May be satisfied by: Most Upper Division Theology Courses

Not satisfied by: Bible as Literature, Witchcraft & Magic
3. Ethics (4-units) *  
Area E. Social Science [4-units] (A Social Science course analyzing the human condition.) *
May be satisfied by: Sociology Psychology, Political Science, Economics Not satisfied by: History courses
Area F. Visual and Performing Arts [4-units] 
May be satisfied by: Art History, Theatre, Music Appreciation Not satisfied by: Art Activity courses, Intro to Piano/Guitar, Painting

*Bachelor of Science in Management students fill this requirement through the major.