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Financial Requirements for International Students

Estimated Certification of Finances Requirements for Graduate Admission

The Certification of Finances is required of all F-1 (student visa) international students by the U.S. government in order to show evidence that the student has enough money to pay for tuition, fees, and living expenses for one year of academic study at USF. The student must sign the Certification of Finances, as well as any sponsors who are contributing to the student’s educational expenses. The sponsor can also provide a sponsor letter in lieu of signing the Certification of Finances form.  If a bank official does not sign or stamp the Certification of Finances form, then an official bank statement or bank letter guaranteeing the funding must be provided. The specific amount of funding required is dependent upon your program of study. Below are the current estimates for USF's master's and doctoral programs per academic year:

Programs Funding Per
Academic Year
Arts and Sciences
Biology* **
Chemistry* **
International Studies
Museum Studies*
Sport Management*
All other Arts and Sciences programs

$57,830 (2014-2015)
$16,880 (2014-2015)
$16,880 (2014-2015)
$47,775 (2014-2015)
$57,830 (2014-2015)
$42,250 (2014-2015)
$42,250 (2014-2015)
$40,585 (2014-2015)

Master's Programs
Catholic Educational Leadership
Counseling Psychology - Marriage & Family Therapy
All Other Master's Programs

Doctoral Programs
Catholic Educational Leadership
International & Multicultural Education / Organization & Leadership
Learning & Instruction / Special Education

$28,720 (2014-2015)
$53,815 (2014-2015)
$38,635 (2014-2015)

$27,960 (2014-2015)

$36,785 (2014-2015)

$33,185 (2014-2015)


$65,632 (2014-2015)
Full-Time MBA
Financial Analysis*
Accelerated Financial Analysis*
Risk Management
Certificate Programs

$57,830 (2014-2015)
$63,500 (2014-2015)
$56,620 (2014-2015)
$66,220 (2014-2015)
$40,380 (2014-2015)
$18,165 (2014-2015)
Nursing and Health Professions
MSN for Non-Nurse with any Bachelor's*
MSN for RN with ADN*
MSN for RN with BSN*
Public Heath*
Executive Leadership DNP*
DNP Programs for RN with BSN*
DNP Programs for RN with MSN

$73,360 (2014-2015)
$57,780 (2014-2015)
$44,595 (2014-2015)
$54,185 (2014-2015)
$53,935 (2014-2015)
$50,590 (2014-2015)
$60,175 (2014-2015)

*indicates a year-round program of study

**all accepted students receive scholarship & Teaching Assistantship