USF Students in Action in the Tenderloin Neighborhood
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Toan Lam ’00 stepped away from negative journalism to focus on helping others. read story »
Service Learning

Students participate in community service in the Tenderloin related to their academic work.

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USF’s mission to create a more humane and just world begins with you.

Change the world from here. At the University of San Francisco, this is our call to action. “Here” is San Francisco, our innovative home city, and “here” is USF, committed to a higher standard of learning that transcends mere academic excellence. “Here” is in every community member—in the minds and hearts of students, faculty, and alumni, all inspired by a shared commitment to justice. If you share our belief that the world needs change, and that anyone can make it happen, we encourage you to start here, with USF.


Factoid: 1 of 5

The Washington Center honored USF as one of five universities to receive the 2012 Higher Education Civic Engagement Award recipient, recognizing the university’s outstanding contributions to community, leadership, professional achievement, and enrichment of student learning.

Law Student Works as Extern

Law Student Works as Extern for California Supreme Court Chief Justice

Law student Alyssa Bussey ’14 has worked as an extern for California Supreme Court Chief Justice since January 2014, where the aspiring lawyer has experienced not only the art of advocacy, but also the craft of objective decision-making. The training, she said, will help make her a better advocate for her clients.

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Meet Alfred Chuang

"Every good thing I've achieved started here, with people like my mentor, former computer science chair Michael Kudlick. I want today's USF students to have an even greater level of opportunity than I experienced."

Alfred Chuang sold his first startup, BEA systems, to Oracle. His current startup, Magnet Systems, could revolutionize business networking. And it all began with a computer science degree from USF. Chuang created and endowed the Kudlick High-Tech Interactive Clasrooom, a state-of-the-art multimedia studio, ensuring USF's readiness for the 21st century.