Academics Computer Science
USF was the first college in the country to offer a Computer Science degree.
Academics Susan Katz
Education professor Susan Katz has been named a Fulbright Scholar twice this decade.
Academics Global Ed
The School of Management offers classes on three continents.
Academics Nursing
The School of Nursing was the first in California to offer a doctorate in nursing practice.
Academics Law School employment
The School of Law is the 10th most diverse law school in the nation.
Academics: Human Rights Education program
The School of Education's Human Rights Education program was the first in the nation.
Fletcher Jones Microscopy Lab video

At the University of San Francisco, we’re not teaching students what to think, we’re teaching them how to think.

Our style of education is deeply challenging and personal, where students and faculty work together to create an experiential academic environment. The result is a unique culture of mutual accountability between you and your professors.

All five USF schools—the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, the School of Law, the School of Management, and the School of Nursing and Health Professions—design rigorous curricula that equip graduates with the market-ready know-how, communication skills and professional opportunities to be successful leaders in their first career and their next.


97.4% Satisfied with USF Education

Two graduates at USF CommencementOn the May 2013 USF graduating student survey, 97.4% of the undergraduate students reported that “overall, I was strongly satisfied or satisfied with my USF education”

Meet the Faculty: Kevin Kumashiro

School of Education Dean Kevin Kumashiro wants USF to be the go-to place for urban education; the place where people want to come for the best ideas, and the best resources — and the best practices — for professional development.
Meet the Faculty: Kevin Kumashiro

Academic Program Offerings

USF is comprised of five schools and offers more than 100 degree programs, with over 70 majors, minors, and concentrations. Classes are conveniently offered in San Francisco, at Branch Campuses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, and online.

Centers & Institutes

Melody of China

Twenty-one interdisciplinary centers and institutes — focusing on everything from Latino Studies to Law and Global Justice to Public Service and the Common Good — explore the complexities of our global community through internships, service learning, and research opportunities.

USF Ecologist Races to Save Endangered Cypress from Extinction
USF Ecologist Races to Save Endangered Cypress from Extinction
USF’s Gretchen Coffman is leading an international rescue effort to save an endangered cypress tree on the verge of extinction.
Perks and Payments, Is Your Physician Biased?
Perks and Payments, Is Your Physician Biased?
A new website created by two USF professors allows the public to learn whether perks from pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers may be influencing the treatments their doctors prescribe.
Venture Capitalist Confidence Slides for First Time in Years
Venture Capitalist Confidence Slides for First Time in Years
For the first time in two years, Silicon Valley’s startup funders are souring to near- and mid-term investment opportunities, according to USF research.

A Look Into USF's New Center for Science & Innovation

In Fall 2013, doors opened on the cutting-edge classrooms, laboratories, and community gathering places of the John LoSchiavo, S.J., Center for Science and Innovation. State-of-the-art flexible laboratories and sophisticated digital studios will revolutionize the work of the university’s science programs and create the perfect platform for launching the next generation of science innovation. The facility will promote USF's ethics-based approach to research, advance science teaching, and, with a new student plaza, have a profound impact on campus life.

Lo Schiavo Science from walkway